#2 Supernova Stag

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Name: Supernova Stag

Place of origin: The birth of a universe somewhere in the multiverse

Occupation: Cosmic Being

Legal status: Undocumented extraterrestrial alien

Marital status: Dominant male of his herd

Known relatives: Stellar Does, Cosmic Fawns

Group affiliation: Stellar Herd

Base of operations: Migratory through the multiverse

History: King of the Stellar Herd, Supernova Stag is prized among the hunters of time-space. The stag is considered the most wily and most dangerous prey that is not himself a hunter. Fueled by a platonic string, the stag transverses the multiverse, seeking out trace energies it needs to survive that the string does not provide him with.

When pursued, the stag eludes its hunters by jumping through the stars, skipping from galaxy to galaxy and from universe to universe. On those occasions the stag has been successfully brought down, he has exploded with the strength of a supernova. This has often resulted in the death of the hunters, and in chaos in nearby star systems as the shockwave reached them. In inhabited stellar neighborhoods that lack the technology to shield themselves from nearby supernova but are also capable of recognizing the threat the stag’s death represents, hunting the stag is strictly forbidden by local authorities.

Those hunters that survive the stag’s death strike are rewarded with a giant set of iron antlers with some unusual properties then he leaves behind. As for the stag himself, he will eventually reform from his essence that was scattered by the explosion.

What would become known as the Cosmic Stag Conflagration kicked off with the Supernova Stag emerging from the sun and heading for Earth.

Story role: The Stag is an antagonist. His emergence through Sol results in a period of chaotic events for Shattered Earth, a planet whose preparation to deal with something like the stag is rather spotty. The people of Shattered Earth cannot negotiate with him since he is not strictly sentient and cannot easily dispose of the Stag, because he is a force of nature. The Stag has enough power to challenge superheroes, but if they respond too harshly to him, it will create a detonation that would take out Earth and most of the rest of the solar system. This nicely complicates the responses available to the protagonists.

Height:  Very tall to Cosmic, depending on how the Stag’s wish

Body type:  A large, horned stag

Known superpowers: Radial burst energy attack. Directional energy attack. Superspeed. Dimension hopping initiated by leaping into a star. Cosmic level endurance. Deathblow: At death, explodes with the strength of a supernova. Resurrection.

Limitations: While cunning, Supernova Stag is not overly intelligent. He is driven by instincts rather than intellect and behaves more like an animal than anything else.

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