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#3 The Cosmic Horror

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“I keep hearing noises down here. I’m just going to go a little deeper.”

Last words of Cosmonaut Yuri Ivanov

Day 3 – Lizzy

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No one is really sure what Lizzy is least of all Lizzy. The top theories are Alien, Cheshire cat, or the spiritual incartation of all the little lost kittens that never found homes. She likes to visit Crystale because the little girl is one of the few that can see her and plays with her. Whatever she is Lizzy is fairly benign, unless someone threatens her friend.

#2 Dottie

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Character Biography: Martin

Batiste,  the 14th Baron of Bonne

Terre was born in the French

Province Nord-Pas-de-Calais in July

of 1750.  He grew up in comfortable

surroundings and wanted for

nothing, yet even at an early age,

saw the inequities and injustice

surrounding him.  Martin as he

grew into adulthood became

engrossed in the Enlightenment.

He immersed himself in science,

engineering, politics, social

philosophy among other disciplines.

In 1768 his Father died under

mysterious circumstances, and an

altered (later learned falsified) will

that named his Uncle Rene as the

heir to his father’s lands and titles.

When Martin attempted to

challenge the ruling, his Uncle

concocted a scheme to frame Martin

for his Father’s murder.  Martin

went into exile in order to gather

strength to clear his name and

regain his title.

Over time Martin met men and

studied under men like Ben

Franklin, Voltaire, along with some

of the finest swordsmen, military

strategists, criminals, and whoever

could aid him with his main goal.

While in Prussia, Martin observed a

meteor land nearby.  He went to

explore the crash site to find the

meteor was not only still intact, but

was made of an unidentified metal

ore that he later dubbed

INVINCIUM.  Martin took the ore

and had it smelted and forged into a

shield in the shape of the Fleur-de-

lis.  He decided to take on the role

of a masked adventurer known as

THE LIBERATOR and used the

shield as his symbol.

Martin returned to France in 1773 to

find Bonne Terre was in a state of

ruin.  Batiste had become a cruel

tyrant who bled the countryside dry

for his own selfish gain.  Martin

began a 5 year campaign against his

Uncle, and eventually regained his

land and title, and in process

became a national legend and came

to the attention of King Louis XVI.

In 1777 he was summoned to Paris

where he was asked to go to

America to aid in revolutionary

cause.  He was requested by Ben

Franklin personally.  Martin landed

in Baltimore in January of 1778.  He

met up with George Washington

and a Spaniard adventurer known

as Phantasma.  Washington had the

two costumed crusaders gather a

band of fellow adventurers that

went on  a series of missions

varying from sabotage to guerilla

warfare.  Over time these super-

heroes did their part to help win

America its Independence, in the

process Martin gained the respect

and almost universal admiration by

both the common citizenry and its

top governmental and social


Jean returned to France in 1783.

He went into a semi-retirement at

that point, mostly a few adventures,

ruling Bonne Terre, and

philanthropic work.  He even

managed to find a wife and have two

children.  Then the French

Revolution struck and Martin’s life

was near ruined.  The republic

seized his lands and fortune,

imprisoned his family, as well as

tortured and imprisoned him.

Things looked bleak.  Even the

people of Bonne Terre turned on

him either out of fear of the

committee, or in some misplaced

sense of allegiance to the new

republic.  Things only became

worse as cholera took his wife and

daughter’s lives while imprisoned.

Martin languished in jail for over a

year until a series of impassioned

plea from over 2 dozen political

figures, including George

Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and

James and Dolly Madison, had

swayed the government to release

Martin and his surviving son

Michael on the provision that they

leave the country immediately.

Martin was given a stipend and a

government position by President

Washington.  Eventually Martin and

Michael relocated to New Orleans in

1804 after it became a possession of

the US.  Both spent the next decade

or so in a quiet manner.  Then in

1815, events led to the Battle of New

Orleans.  General Andrew Jackson

was in need of men of all quarters to

aid him in his effort to hold the city.

Jackson approached a then a 64

year old Martin to don the Liberator

garb one last time.  Martin

reluctantly agreed, and once again

aided United States in maintaining

its fragile newfound freedom.

In 1817 Martin returned to France

and Bonne Terre.  Louis XVIII

returned his title and properties to

him, and he spent his final days

trying to rebuild the humble land to

its former stature.  He died

peacefully in 1831.  A statue of him

in his Liberator costume was

erected 5 years later.  In 1916 his

great grandson Jean took on the

mantle and shield of the Liberator,

carrying on the legacy as he fought

in both World Wars.


Day 2 – Crystal Griddle

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Daughter of Donald Griddle, Crystal is a well behaved 5 year old. She loves her daddy and her best frend Lizzy, whom she draws all the time. No one is quite sure what Lizzy is only that it appears to be green and purple. Donald usually plays along with her imaginary friend although some people, such as her grandparents don’t think she should be encouraged. Crystal knows they don’t believe her but as long as it doesn’t stop Lizzy from coming to visit she doesn’t care.

#3 Vern

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A master craftsman who’s always there to help a friend in need.

Day 3: Lunulata

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LunulataIf anyone finds this legitimately offensive, I can censor it.

#3 Adam McMahon

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Adam is a body builder who thinks he’s god’s gift to women.  He’s actually a nice guy but he can be a bit insensitive when talking to women.  He may become the main love interest or a recurring annoyance.  He thinks he’s the hero of the story but he doesn’t understand what’s really going on.

#3 Heavy Weapon Team

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As the amount of ordinance flying through the air at once increases, the situation becomes progressively more hilarious.

Sadly short on time today, so no coloring or the usual post-processing I do to cover up my hideously bad scanner.

11/3/2012: Mother Myshe, Human Priestess of Arac

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NAME: Mysh Ki Tarako  ORIGIN: Noctis Secunia  OCCUPATION: Priestess

Followers of Arac, the god of night-flying hunters, are some of the most feared assassins in the known Multiverse. Among their shadowy ranks, Mother Myshe is a legend. A ruthless killer blindly faithful to Arac’s dogma, Myshe’s services go to the highest bidder, provided they’re willing to pay her patron’s dark price. From Nexus City, Myshe curates her master’s hidden temple, sending initiates into the trans-universal webway to fulfill the macabre wishes of her clientele.

Model designed in TinkerCAD and Sculptris (3D print pending…)

#3 My Sister is Half Alien

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Day 3: Rico

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the Ramidreju

Rico is  an old bitter man that spends most of his time telling you about the good old days. He’ll spend hours telling you about the times of heros, riches, adventure and how pretty much everyone in your generation sucks.

This seems odd because Rico is a Ramidreju and carries many scars from hungry travelers hunting him down for his precious pelt and treasure. One such injury, a broken hook of some kind, is so deeply wedged into his mouth that no (including himself) has dared to try and pull it out.  These attacks have not only makes Rico the bitter old rag he is, but also gives him the paranoia of a Vietnam Vet housed in a firecracker factory.

Despite this, like many of his odd ball neighbors, he has   grow a shine to the local seller. In the old days, Rico use to collect gold. Since gold is no longer a popular form of currency (don’t get him started on that), Rico has agreed to trade the  fragrant and healing musk oil from his fur for any jewelry and non-copper coins the seller can find.

Rico is not fond of Bog (talks too much) or Mikhail (talks too little) and demands that they get off his porch.

30 character challenge 2012 nr 3:Detective Frank Keely

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Have been experimenting today, haha! Got this idea while I was talking with a friend today, after seeing a pic of her Halloween costume we got an idea of a 19th’s century where a undead detective and another one investigates supernatural cases, with monsters and stuff. We based the detectives on ourselves a little, this was my character: Detective Frank Keely

He wields an ancient knife, fused with magic which he use to protect himself against the monsters he encounter, the magic gives the knife the ability to fire magic projectiles.

#3 The Retiree

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The Retiree. Tired, self-serving, upstanding, law-abiding, senile, crime-fighting, citizen.

#1 DarkRoad

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#3 Kedren

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30 CHARACTERS: Day Three

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Because every Universe needs a God-repelling metal: Obdurate. In Judges 1:19, the Bible says that “The LORD was with the men of Judah. They took possession of the hill country, but they were unable to drive the people from the plains, because they had iron chariots.” This is the metal those chariots were made of that prevented the army of Judah -even with The Lord’s backing- from defeating the men of the plains.

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#03 Vaalem

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#3 – Maddy

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Being the ukay* queen of the neigbourhood, Madelynne Mae has a particular knack for making the most out of 100 pesos-per-pound specials at the local thrift stores. A true DIY-er at heart, Maddy is often seen hanging out in Quiapo and Divisoria looking for materials to develop her handcrafted jewelry and cellphone charms. Sometimes Maddy’s outlandish fashion sense can get too much for the conservative sensibilities of the nuns (and her peers) at Holy Mary Academy. But hey, the opportunity to wear civvies to school only comes thrice a year, there’s no way she’s going to miss out.

(*-ukay, short for ukay-ukay, which literally translates to ‘dig-dig’, is the Filipino term for thrift stores. Connotes the jumble of clothing and items one has to literally dig through to find treasure)

Frank and Mindy

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Frank and Mindy

Frank and Mindy

I imagine Frank being this totally lovable, but completely clumsy and destructive alien monster that Mindy created in her secret laboratory! Mindy is probably a very shy girl who only opens up with Frank.

Frank and Mindy probably get into a lot of trouble together, as good friends tend to do.

#3 Homi Kapoor

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Names: Homi Kapoor

Place of origin: India

Occupation: Astronaut

Legal status: Citizen of India in good standing

Identity: Publicly known

Marital status: Married

Known relatives: Cousin Superfusion Heart.

Group affiliation: Far Sky Adventurers Collective

Base of operations: India. Space.

History: A promising young physicist from India, Homi was recruited early by a private space program, the Far Sky Adventurers Collective.  Continue Reading

#3 The Anomaly

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Living energy, enslaved by man…

When scientists funded by an anonymous politician (yes the same one who controls Black Bow and Riza) discovered a unique radiation wave approaching our solar system they did not expect their scans to draw the energy towards earth.  Nonetheless they were able to collect and harness they energy in a an abandoned nuclear research center.  Surprisingly the energy proved to be sentient.  They were able to rig up a containment suit to allow the cosmic entity to interact with humans easier.  Unfortunately the process of capture and containment had altered the being’s energy field, if he attempted to return to the stars he would quickly dissipate.  He is now trapped in Earth’s magnetic field, depended on it and his suit for cohesion, and on energy siphoned from the electrical grid for sustenance.  This, unfortunately, makes him easy to control.

#02-Rusty Dusty

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Rusty Dusty was a forgotten turtle that got lost one day in the house after his owners forgot to put him back in his pen. Since then, he has become a lonesome wanderer, adapting to the cracks between beds, the back of sofas, and any little nook and cranny in the house. He has even discovered a good way to conceal himself as to not attract attention from the family dog.

#1 Help-Bot ID#108971 “Hep”

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Help-bot ID#108971, nicknamed “Hep” after the unfortunate peeling of his lettering. Hep was made, like all the other Help-Bots, to help people. Hep loved his job. He did it to the best of his ability. People’s smiling faces were all the pay he needed, as well as the occasional greasing and oiling to keep him functional.

Then one day the humans decided that Help-Bots were no longer needed. They were too clunky, too awkward, too inefficient. They could build better ones. And so all of the Help-Bots were recalled, to be melted down and made into spare parts. When Hep realized where he and his brothers and sisters were going, he was horrified. His whole life helping humans, only to be put down in a horrible death-by-melting. Hep barely escaped this fate, and has been on the run ever since.

#3 – Targus

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This is Targus, an eladrin bard played by my buddy Matt.

Targus hasn’t really had much time for character development, as Matt is an on-and-off player at our table since he works like an hour and a half commute away from our usual gaming spot.

That sort of puts the party in a funny position because, as the bard, Targus is the party healer. And since he’s absent for a good portion of our games, the party lacks in the healing department in most of our fights.

And so, he’s sort of an NPC medic they can call for with the strained battlecry, “Targus! Heeeeelp!” whenever Matt isn’t around.

edit: i should stop doing these right before i go to work, gonna try and get a more detailed doodle in tomorrow.

#3 Lost Kitten

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Lost, cold, and hungry; your fingers and toes are hard to bend, knees scraped and scabbed over. When you’ve been through so much, sometimes you just want someone to take care of you.

Costume concept

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No #03

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Experiment with light and color…:)

#3 Toffettie

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Val G. (nittoai)

“# [ A dama e o cachorro]”Day 03

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#2 Mabel

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This here’s Anthony girlfriend Mabel! She enjoys reading in his coffee shop all the time so that’s how they met! /sorry this one was sorta late