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#1 Nexus

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In disguise as an earth kid named Billi Watkins, Nexus is an extraterrestrial that lives 40,000 million notches away.
After falling in love with an earth female and watching her being murdered by government agents that wanted him,
Nexus took the form of a sickly kid, seeking revenge for his loved one. Nexus is determined, compassionate, loves passion fruit,
loves to listen  to a lot of electronica and has a volatile personality.

#1 MeowMeow Priest

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MeowMeow Priest!

Zombie Priest Kitty is my first submission for this year’s 30 characters!! – 6 minutes before deadline

#1 She Who Talks to Shadows

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She Who Talks to Shadows is a powerful sorceress who is trying to revive an ancient evil for reasons only she understands.  She carries a cage filled with shadows that contains a horror so disturbing looking at it can drive you insane.

She was freed from her entombment in a pyramid in Egypt by an archeologist who was looking for ancient artifacts and refused to believe the stories about the curse on the tomb.  Now he is the unwilling slave of the sorceress who uses him to learn about the strange world she now finds herself in.

Hela-Ma-Copter Boy (for real, since it craped out on me last time)

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Hoping this will work and I can get this posed in under deadline.

Heli-ma-Copter Boy

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Day 1: Cat of Nine Tales

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The Cat of Nine Tales is an enigmatic feline. He travels the world, collecting the best stories either through his ears or through his adventures. If you are lucky enough to find him and lucky enough to catch him in a generous mood, he might be inclined to open one of his books or scrolls and share one of his treasured tales with you. It is said that he is looking for the ten best stories of the world, but for years he has wandered, one story short of his goal. 

Day One: Technopolis Rex

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Cursed–! In a mad dash to connect himself with the fruitful god, the cloud gestalt he worshiped, a humble hipster was transformed into a god-like entity you’ve probably never heard of.

#1 Dancing woman

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Not the most original for a fantasy genre, but still a good beginning!

#1 Pumpkitty Tricks

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Wanted to do a piece for halloween and thought something cute would work out well. Hope you enjoy! Welcome Pumpkitty as the #1 post for my collection!

There was a missing Kitten sign posted on Halloween, guess where the rascal popped up.

DAY ONE: Lookness. The Scottish Chameleon

| November 1, 2012 | 2 Comments

Today begins the 30 Characters Challenge, and I’m terrified because I have not laid ink on paper in a very long time past ridiculous doodles of dogs farting and.. no, that’s been about it. I do this with the hope that by the end of 30 days I will have much better control and design skills. Judging by entry number one, I can only go up.

I will not, however, stop making bad puns with superhero names.

NAME: Lookness
LOCATION: Glasgow, Scotland
POWERS: Lookness can psychically disguise herself to appear like anyone she wants. She is a low-level receptive telepath who can pull images from a target’s mind and camouflage herself with the likeness of a friend or family member. This is more reflexive than under her control.

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#1 Fun Guy

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Fun Guy

#01 Psionic

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Not 100% happy with how this one turned out; hand is way too big, proportions are a little off… but I’ll cut myself some slack for having done it in 2.5 hours (including inking and coloring), esp considering I haven’t done any character art in a couple months. It’s also my first time actually using my copics for anything other than playing around with… and even then, it’s been a while since I’ve done that. Can only get better from here!

#1 – The Balloongardener

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No.1: Ruslan Diegovich

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The year is 1962, and Ruslan is one of the filmographers for the Soviet propaganda machine. He changed his name to “Diegovich” because he wanted something “more Spanish-ish.” He’s young and full of promise, but considers himself an artiste and a bit of a maverick. His films are… interesting, to say the least. While his work has yet to really upset any members of the government, it’s mostly because no one seems to understand any of his pieces. Ruslan considers this a compliment, and forges ahead in search of new ways to really push the medium of film.

Random Wikipedia Inspiration of the Day:

#1 – Roger

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Roger is a young man who, while realizing the terror that’s going on, must avoid the threats ahead.

Gas Soldier

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The soldier doomed to roam the gas-filled wastelands. no home, no friends, only the hunt and the kill to look forward to.

#1 Ninawa

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#1 Ninawa


#1 Weikonllo

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Weikonllo is a  Lendoryan native, that should save his tribe from slavery the Invaders…..

“# _ [Friends]” DAY 01

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#1 Mirri

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Day 1: Mikhail

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Mikhail the golem

Mikhail is a golem formed out of mud-based clay. Mikhail was made by a despite rabbi who ran a synagogue in a small village snuck in the middle of thick woods. It is unsure what trouble the rabbi was preparing for when he formed the poor unfinished creature, but the synagogue has long vanished and Mikhail was left to wander the woods with no master. Spending years in the woods and having a body contracted of fertile damp earth, it took little time for Mikhail’s body to began to spout all types of floral bits, fungal patches and random sticks. In his month, under a patch of moss and branches,is a tiny scroll with the words אמת and some other letters.

Mikhail, being golem and very simple minded, does seem to have many goals in his bleak existence. He also lacks most emotions, mostly out of not having the brains for complicated feelings. One can not say it is a gentle creature because one is not sure if he knows what gentle is.

Despite these facts , Mikhail can understand simple orders (if given in hebrew) and well do so to “help” others. Also, though one can not say he actually enjoys it (or is capable of enjoying anything), Mikhail seems attracted to water and finds means to remain wet. Sometimes, in attempt to suck up moisture, Mikhail accidentally takes in small river organisms like crayfish and leeches.

He has even been known to actively collect fragrant plants to grow on himself in order to trade these fresh, slightly magical flowers for flavored/scented water. This deal is often taken advantage of by a local seller….

#1 Father Da Silva

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Father Da Silva is a priest of the Catholic Church that sheltered many survivors of the zombie breakout. He often questions God’s Will, since He shouldn’t have let something so horrible happen.

He doesn’t look so good. Maybe next time he won’t be so… Alive.

By the way, I’m a writer, not an artist. But under unforeseen circumstances, I had to draw him and don’t have the time to explore his story. The next should have a better description.


Dawn of the First Day (Day 1)

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Here’s my first character for the challenge! Going with a horror theme to it, trying to look at the story as if it were a videogame, which will make more sense later. Meet Robert the kitten, only 8 years old and he’s seeing specters.

#1- Princess Penelope Primrose

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#1: The Catterpital

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the Catterpital

Hoogie Blue

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Hoogie the elephant

DAY 1 Character!!!

Here is my first character!!

Hoogie Blue, the elephant!!!

I hope you like him! Thoughts 😕


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Not much to say about this guy, except he is part cat (yay!) and part spider (eww). He fishes with his tail and binds his prey with web until he is ready to feast!

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#1 My Name Is Moe

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#1 Cactus-Man

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Cactus-Man was once a mild mannered soldier during the nuclear bomb testings of WWII, but one fateful day while testing the bomb they would drop over the Pacific, disaster happened! He stood far to close and far too long during the drop and when the bomb exploded, he was standing next to a tall cactus and the nuclear radiation melded his cells with the cactus, making him Cactus-Man!

With the power to shoot tiny annoying prickly needles into his enemies, his indestructible flower pot he uses as a shield and his thick skin that helps him withstand intolerable heats, he fights to save the world day in and day out!

No one is quite sure why he wears a mask considering everyone is pretty certain that he is the only talking cactus around, but Cactus-Man goes nowhere without it tied to his face.

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