Day 12: Lyon

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The Master

There is a person known as “the master of disguise” or “the man with a thousand faces” or for simply “Le Maitre” the Master). Very little is known about the Master. There are only three facts know by the highest authority of the French government:
1. It has been confirmed that Master’s true body is physically female.
2. He/She is from Lyon, France ( and thus used as his/her name till they find the real one)
3. His/Her current “evening wear”

Lyon is a person of incredible almost supernatural like skills that allow her/him to become any person in image, mind and talent. His/her mind acts as a storage place, collecting skills, talents, and mannerisms from old disguises that can be used for news one or when ever it is needed. This a double-edged sword for the master because, once he/she is a certain person, he/she is truly that person (dreams, loves, faults and all) and much function as the person through out the case. Because the disguises are as true as the real thing, no one is sure if the master has a TRUE personality.

Lyon does however have “evening wear”, which are disguises he/she relaxes in when he/she is done with a certain mission or task. The master have had both female and male evening wear, making penning a gender on him/her very difficult. Even the pronoun “Master” was chosen out of the fact that the disguises are often male since males tend to be in higher positions in secret organizations.

Lyon’s current evening wear is of a young masseuse with a fasciation with theater.

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