Day 10: Maple Fairy

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“They are the most irritating creatures in existence! They dance around you and leave little creepy crunchy corpses all in your space…They get in your fur, in your food…”

“Well, at least they are better than the cicadas. Those fuckers get literally EVERYWHERE.”

“I rather have the cicadas. They don’t scream when I try to eat them.”
“Yeah I gues-wait. What?”
-Fig and Snitch on Maple Fairies

Maple fairies are little wood spirits. At the very end of winter, they awaken from the elder trees and spread throughout the forest like a plague in absurd amounts. Many die in the first month, their corpses giving off life magic to promote growth for Spring. Those who survive, mate till the end of summer so they may grace us with their presence in overwhelming numbers the next spring.

Maple fairies are very wise, but not very intelligent at all. They are very in tune with the woods and emotions, but otherwise fail at everything else. Because they can’t think their way out of a paper bag, they get stuck in everything from your ice cream cone to your fur. Like many fairies, Maple fairies enjoy sweets and can be attracted by vinegars or syrups.

When Maple fairies are in danger, they change their faces to look more child-like and cry loudly like a baby. Despite this, if they are strong-willed enough, some supernatural creatures find the small creatures to be great junk food. According to Fig, Maple fairies taste like a combination of roasted chestnuts and honey-glazed bacon.

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