Day 14: Mr.Quaker

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“I didn’t see nothin’…just doin’ me job.” -Mr.Quaker

Mr.Quaker has been the janitor of Snitch’s national park longer than anyone can remember. For years, the old man has wandered between the forest and the highway cleaning various visitor stations such as the cafe, the picnic tables, bathrooms,etc. For years, despite Fig’s constant night raids and other bizarre things that rustle around in the forest, Mr.Quaker has claimed that he has not seen a single thing out of the ordinary during his job and he is just doing his job.

However, It is hard to believe the old man’s claim. Mr.Quaker is filled with paranoia and PTSD-like symptoms, proofing that poor gent has seen a lot of something not to his liking.

Also, Mr.Quaker is physically incapable of missing anything due to his long, piecing stare . According to his doctor records, the old man has not blinked since witnessing the Texas City Disaster in 1947. His never-shutting dried eyes is the very reason why he was hired to mind the grounds in the first place.

Fig makes sure say hello to the frightened old man whenever he can.

“It can’t just pass him by.  The stimulation is what’s keeping him alive.” -Fig

The local authorities would like to note that a certain faun is “a complete asshat” and polite supernatural inhabitants of the forest should leave Mr.Quaker be….PLEASE.

“Seriously! When he kneels over from a heart attack, I’M the one that has to go to the funeral and look his kids in the face! Don’t do it!” -Snitch

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