2013 Returning Challenger: Ozzie Scribbler (Natalia M)

| October 31, 2013 | 0 Comments

Hi everybody!

I’ve been entering the challenge since 2011, but never managed to finish it, as my flakiness got in the way.
Third time’s a charm, so I’ll do my best to submit entries regularly (though probably not every day).

As for personal info, I’m a back-in-art school graphic artist from Poland, 23 years old. I’m interested in comics, animation, character design and graphic design.
You can find (some) of my art on deviantArt, I also share my opinions on personal tumblr blog and manage a blog concerning the absurdity of scantly-clad female warriors in popular media.

I’ll try to excessive my creative juices and artistic skills to design some new random character (most likely a fantasy one) for every day of November. No promises regarding quality/technique and schedule of my updates, because of unfortunate technical issues (broken scanner) and overall abundance of work.

Good luck, everybody!

~Ozzie Scribbler

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Art school graduate from Poland. In her early twenties. Obsessed with cartoons, comics and overall geekyness.

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