No. 30: Cunt-Tree

| December 1, 2010 | 2 Comments

Have to be honest.
This character was inspired from a conversation I had with friends in reference to,
“My country ’tis of thee.”

So this is my Cunt Tree.
It grew in the sweet land of Liberty,
where the word “cunt” doesn’t have
a negative connotation.
Where it is but a word
that cannot harm,
but in fact uplifts and promotes growth.

I like it.

Last entry, a successful 30 characters later.
Holy crap, I actually did it.
Thank you SO MUCH to the makers of this site.
This was just the thing I needed to get back to my imagination.
Looking forward to next year.
Thanks everyone, for sharing your amazing art.
You guys rock.

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Studied theater performance and interactive multimedia in college. Lived in Japan for two years teaching English. Pianist/vocalist in the band Light of the Loon. Colorist (from chapter 2 onward), art editor, and letterer for the online comic "Super-Peers" ( Production Designer for the award-winning inde film "Shelter" (2012). Owner of the most amazing birthday ever, 1984-7-11. Peace.

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  1. K says:

    Thoroughly enjoying your entries! XD I love this one especially.

    • I’ve been loving YOURS. You have a really slick style. カロス is a particularly terrifying creature. But that’s to be expected, since the name means “to kill” and all. I love all your names. They really fit.

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