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Rolando’s roshow Roundup – All 30 Characters!

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Hey guys! Thanks for all the support last month. Here’s a final roundup of my 30characters. Enjoy, and be sure to browse the rest of the site. Everyone who joined in did awesome, awesome work. This has been, bar none, one of the best creative experiences of my life. Words really can’t express how much I appreciate the opportunity I had to be a part of this.

Much love,


Lilly Lopez
Tim Grant
Robert Quibral
Steve Griffith
Christopher & Kristine Paley aka The Khrises
Mayor Randolph Nichol
Ephton Valley
Blake Lewis
Captain Kerplunk


Rush, The Boxer


Cubo Janes
Cassandra Drake
Andy Kross
Parker Reynolds
Marla Triphorne
Davey Raines
Anni Weston
Bobby Finn
(Sorry, no other information available at this time.)
Quinn Vega


Emmett Clayton
The Stork


Rick, The Omega Kid
Jerry Irvine
Dania Wallace
The World’s Most Evil & Smart Baby
Santa Claus!

Happy Holidays!

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Kaebel JK Hashitani – 30 Characters in 30 Days

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I completed the 30 Characters in 30 Days Challenge!

I honestly don’t recall how I found out about the 30Characters challenge in the first place. From a friend, most likely, but that’s just a guess. I do know that two things influenced my decision to take on the challenge. Well, two people, actually. 1) My friend Todd Brabander and I had been talking recently about feeling stagnant artistically, and this challenge seemed tailor-made for us. But when it came time to sign-up, I dragged my feet while Todd jumped right in. Spurred on by his action, I decided it was better to try than not. 2) My girlfriend Merrick has been a sounding board for my artistic issues for months. She’s been supportive before, during, and after taking on the challenge, and that’s made a world of difference.

I still haven’t figured out what exactly to do with these characters yet. Everything about them, and the world they live in is still so much framework and not enough substance. I know it’s a fantasy world, where education combined with practical experience is prized, encouraged, and widespread. The bulk of the story centers around three students (Jasper, Kemmek & Landon), and their adventures in and around their school, Thorsveldt Grand Academy (all schools are Grand Academies). I’ll keep working on it until I get something interesting.

Thanks to Tyler James for organizing this challenge, and to Daniel Govar for the templates. I look forward to participating next year. And thanks/well done to Dennis Culver andEthan Slayton, fellow Portlanders and friends who also participated this year.