#30 Santa Claus!

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Deep in the North Pole lies a powerful energy source. No one knows for sure if it’s magical or some otherworldly technology. What is known is that it thrives on the collective goodwill of humanity. At times when humanity’s goodwill reaches high enough levels, the energy source becomes sentient and works its magic across the globe bringing people what they need most.

The first human to truly figure out a way to harness this power was the Greek bishop, Saint Nicholas. Knowing that children were particularly full of goodwill, he started the tradition of giving those who behaved well gifts on Christmas Eve. Thus the myth of Santa Claus was born. As it grew, along with the tidings of joy that come with what we know as the holiday season, so did the amount of goodwill generated by humanity every December 24th.

In this way did Saint Nicholas guarantee that at least once a year that mysterious energy source deep in the North Pole would wake up and bring happiness to people across the world. And, in honor of Saint Nick’s myth, the energy chooses to take the shape of jolly old Kris Kringle.

But now a brilliant yet wicked little baby threatens to capture that energy and use it for himself. Only The Omega Kid and his friends stand in the way! Will they be able to save Christmas? Or will the crybaby ruin it for every one? Find out this December in The Omega Kid Christmas Special!

And… we’re done! This entire 30characters experience has been awesome, to say the least. It has pushed my creativity to the limit and taught me a lot about myself. More importantly, it has been a blast to share my work and experience the jaw-dropping, show-stopping work of so many other talented creators. Thanks to everyone who partook in the challenge and thanks to everyone who supported us!

Please, keep in touch! I’m on Twitter (@roshow) and I recently started a blog, roshow.tumblr.com, because this challenge influenced me to keep working and sharing. The aforementioned Omega Kid Christmas Special will be serialized there starting next Monday, December 6.

Thanks again!

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Rolando is extremely excited for 30 character. He has spent most of his time since graduating college in 2002 working the film industry. But his passion has always been storytelling and he is going back to his roots. He can't wait to see what everyone else is cooking.

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  1. Jande Rowe says:

    That is simply Gorgeous! Much better than in my imagination from the sneak text preview you gave me. A True Finale!

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