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Jerry Irvine, retired comic book artist. His biggest claim to fame was creating the Golden Age comic book superhero “Captain Omega.” Not that it was a success or anything. In fact, if not for comic book geeks and the internet, it would be forgotten by now. At this point in his very long life, poor Jerry would just like to be left in peace. Fat chance. Against his wishes he will be forced to become a mentor to Rick, the real life Omega Kid.

What follows is an excerpt from The Omega Kid, episode 2 (you can read episode 1 here):


BING! The elevator doors slide open and Rick and Lawrence step off it. They walk down the hallway until they find 25D.

They stare at it. Rick reaches out, hesitates, then knocks.


No answer. Lawrence eggs Rick on with a nudge to the shoulder. Rick swats him away, before knocking again.

From the other side they hear the door being unlocked.


Slowly it opens just a crack. JERRY IRVINE peeks through it.

Who is it?

Mr. Irvine, it’s Rick from the comic book store. Remember me?

Jerry moves closer to the door to get a better look. He sees Ricks smiling at him and waving.

I don’t know you, go away.

He SLAMS the door in their face.

That’s messed up.

Rick knocks again, harder this time.

Please Mr. Irvine! You gave me this Amulet, you said it was a toy! But it’s not!

I don’t know what you’re talking about kid; I’ve never seen you; now go away!

From the other side of the door, the locks slam back into place. ONE LOCK. TWO LOCKS. THREE LOCKS. Rick backs away from the door. They stand there, thinking what to do next.

Turn the door into pancakes and we’ll eat our way through.

I don’t think that’s a good idea.

I still hear you out there. GO. AWAY.

Through the door, they hear shuffling footsteps hobbling along with a cane, walking back into the apartment.

This guy is tough. I like him.

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