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Caution: Toadie at Work

If you talk to Robert Quibral he will tell you about how important he is to Ephton Valley and the big places he’s going. He wears expensive clothes and is impeccably groomed. The thing he does not realize is that he always has been and always will be a toadie. Everyone else knows it, poor Robert just hasn’t caught on.

In school Robert would act like he was too busy hanging out with cool kids to make time for anyone else. The more accurate description would be this: the so-called “cool kids” only kept him around because they could get anything they wanted from him. He was a tool that came at the relatively low price of having to let him hang out at their parties. Not that he did much more at those parties than stand in the background, laughing at their bad jokes (most of which he probably didn’t get) and agreeing with everything they said.

In grade school he was the hall monitor. He let the cool kids come and go as they pleased while ratting out the rest of us any and every chance he got. In high school his parents bought him a car and he immediately became the designated driver, chauffeuring his “friends” to and from parties. Rumor has it he would even drive couples up to Cole’s Point, the local make out spot for teenagers, and go hang out by himself in the woods while they had sex in his back seat. In fact, I think the only person not to get laid in Robert’s car was Robert himself. But he never passed up an opportunity to talk down to the lunch ladies and janitors or brag to the rest of us, as if he actually had any status. He was truly the worst and most pathetic type of toadie. If he did not have such misplaced arrogance I would feel bad that everyone, including his “friends,” laughed at him behind his back.

The trend continues to this day. It should come as no surprise that after school Robert hitched his wagon to Blake Lewis, the local Mr. Moneybags of Ephton Valley, the self-proclaimed prodigal son — no I’m definitely getting ahead of myself here. It’s really too early to get into my opinions on Blake Lewis. We’re talking about Robert, king brown noser (the Khrises would use more colorful terms to describe how much he kisses up but they may be too blue even for this blog). Robert would say he is Lewis’s right hand man. A mover and shaker in the “new empire.” A jet-setter. Someone important and on the rise. Apparently, being a right hand man means getting Lewis his coffee, dropping off his laundry, answering his phone and yelling at concierges to get Lewis a better room “ASAP!” My sources have also spotted him jet-setting with Lewis’s dog around the block and cleaning up after it.

When I last saw Robert he was with “friends” at my parents’ restaurant. He screamed at Manuel the waiter for under-cooking the steak. He babbled some nonsense along the lines of “I’ll have Mr. Lewis shut you down,” before sending it back. Manny was happy to take it back to the kitchen but he was even happier when he brought it back. Robert acted like he had achieved a major triumphant victory as he bit into his steak. I cringed. The kitchen staff laughed behind his back.

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