2011 Challenger: Ben Ivey

| October 19, 2011 | 1 Comment

Hi there.  I’m a 27 year old graphic designer living and working in Mississippi.  In addition to overseeing the graphic design needs of these guys, I also teach a weekly illustration class for these folks.  Even though I’ve worked on a few publications and I dabble in fine art from time to time, I don’t consider myself an full-time illustrator.  I just love art.  I love making things and learning about the process along the way.

The first thing I teach my students is to practice what you love every day.  I can’t teach something if I don’t do it myself. That’s what attracted me to the 30-Day Challenge.  This will give me the opportunity to focus my skills on one task.  Maybe, by the end, I’ll have learned something.

I’m a big fan of mixing digital with traditional techniques.  So expect to see a variety of styles, software, and media used to create my characters.  Along the way, I’ll try to document my process.

You can find me here.  But I hang out here most often.

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  1. As a fellow graphic designer I’ll be mixing media too. Pencils, inks and digital coloring. You’ll find that the challenge does test and strengthen your skills. I’m very interested to see you document your process from idea to final design. Excellent!

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