2011 Challenger:Travis Surber

| October 19, 2011 | 2 Comments

I’m Travis Surber,Creator of the webcomic Hainted Holler which updates 5 days a week,and follows Southern Geeks in a Redneck town.I was attracted to the Challenge because I’m constantly drawing or writing down strange little characters and ideas.Since I started the webcomic a lot of these ideas have made their way into various strips,but more than a few still rattle around in my head.For me this is a chance to give them physical form while stretching my abilities as a self-taught cartoonist.My style tends to be loose and cartoony,but I’m going to be trying out some new ideas,giving people a first look at NEW characters for the strip,and just random general silliness.

And as if maintaining a M-F webcomic and the challenge wasn’t enough,my first child was born recently as well,so extra challenge as well.

Webcomic: http://www.haintedholler.com/

DeviantArt: http://hainted.deviantart.com/

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  1. I’m doing the same thing with the challenge, going to give some characters “rattleing” in my head life. Your style is great for a self-taught cartoonist, there’s a real joy to it. Can’t wait to see what fun characters you create! WhaZOoM!

    • TSurber says:

      Thanks.I’ve got some real strange things lined up.Since i don’t have a lot of time I’m doing the characters as my warm up drawings before I tackle the strip each day.

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