2011 Challenger: David Bednarski

| October 21, 2011 | 2 Comments

My name, as the title implies, is David Bednarski.  I am a comic art fan and creator, at the “hobbyist” level as my day job involves biotech research.  I love to create new characters and concepts, as my deviantART page can attest.  I participate in the semi-weekly Whitechapel remake/remodel thread and similar redesign forums.

I was directed to this challenge by someone who saw my ever expanding collection of characters, including a large number inspired by a random name generator that I put together to help me get through idea-less periods and to generally help get my creativity flowing.  Doubtlessly, I will create a few characters in this challenge with names generated by this tool.

I’ve had this grandiose idea for a comic universe in my head for a while that I will attempt to breathe life into during the thirty days of the challenge and maybe, if things go according to plan, flesh out a story of sorts in the character descriptions.  I know, I know… why not make a difficult challenge even more harder for myself?  I am looking forward to the challenge and to seeing what everyone creates!

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I'm a biologist by day and an artist by night!

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  1. Hey David, It’s fetus-man from over on dA, great to have you here! Can’t wait to see what you come up with, best of luck~!

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