2011 Challenger: Jamie Gambell

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My name is Jamie Gambell and I am the writer of the comic book series, The Hero Code.

I’m also the creator/writer of the series, Omnitarium – the first volume of which was finished and released in 2010.

I currently live in LA with my wife and son, and work as a sound utility technician in film and television. The day job eats up a lot of time, and the few hours I have left over I like to spend with the family, which often means that I have to find extra time in the day for working on comic books. Because of this sleep and I have an arrangement, which I’m sure one day he will come to collect on!

The Hero Code series artist, Jonathan Rector, and I both agreed that it would be fun to do something with the 30 Characters challenge as a means of working out some of the cast of the series. As I type issue one has just seen print, but we’ve got so much story worked out and so many characters coming and going, that it seemed like a good idea to have a single place to work out the look of those characters.

I’m really looking forward to participating, having followed the previous two challenges, and to checking out other peoples work at the site.

Good luck everyone!

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