2011 Challenger: Kashizzle

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‘Yo everyone! I’m Sandra aka Kashizzle, a 24-year-old (soon to be 25!) animation student/game designer from Melbourne, Australia. Like many of you, I saw this on tumblr and thought it was a great alternative to NaNoWriMo (which I always say I’m going to do, but never do!)

Character design is something I like, despite my illustration skills not being terribly good. I plan on using this challenge as an opportunity to get improve my skills and tone my creative muscles, so to speak. Although my dafault art style is heavily manga influenced (especially by the works of Shigenori Soejima and Kazuma Kaneko, amongst others), I also want to try new things.


I’m an avid gamer, but I also enjoy anything creative (My mother taught me how to crochet over the weekend) and am happiest when I’m being productive. My submissions may not always be finished (my course is very intense), but I look forward to seeing what I (and everyone else who undertakes this!) come up with!

-Kas (tumblr) (deviantART)

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