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Bonjour, Je me présente. Mon prénom est Caleb.

I don’t normally pull out what little french I do know, but seeing that most the folks here have much more talent than I, and do much more than I, it should seem in my best interest to at least seem a little more French than I normally am. (I hear French comics are a little more appreciated artistically.)

I am not currently employed in any art field, nor am I taking any courses, or studying them. (Or for that matter, have I ever. The biggest mistake in my life was taking Journalism over Creative Writing in 11th Grade) I do hope that someday though, I find myself in the field of comic books, possibly conjuring with names I whisper praise to when I speak silently to myself.

I am a writer mostly, but draw on occasion, and if you catch me at the right time, I might even be playing my trumpet, who I have named Carol after Hal’s one time love.

I won’t say this will be easy, ’cause I know it won’t. I’ve seen Harlan Ellison write a short story in a day, and the sweat on his brow is proof enough for writing challenges. But I will promise I’ll have fun, and I’ll finish this challenge, and I promise, everything I throw out here will be new, no cobwebs from me.

 I notice many others have put up Their Tumblrs, so might as well too.  





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