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Beary V

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Day28-Beary V-01


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Day 25: Raggok Mansplitter

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RaggokThe final Killosseum entry, a remix on last years Blisterbelch (who also got further treatment here). Below, you can see the fighters and the Killosseum itself, 3D printed in all its glory!


Day 22: Zara Zain

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ZaraShipwrecked on Xator Prime as a child, Zara grew up in the Techno-Wastes, and learned to hone her fighting skills against the deadly robot warriors native to the scrap world. Having escaped that mechanical hell, Zara is now a champion of the Killosseum, fighting to repay a debt to a Zero-Syndicate overboss.

Day 20: MURDER-O, Modular Robot Gladiator

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A gladiator for the Killosseum Pocket-tactics set/accessory I’m working on.

#20 Zip

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#20 Zip


If you get lost in the space carrier, call Zip and he will guide you back to the right corridor.

Day 15: Speek

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JFKDay15_13Speek survived the apocalypse. His head is a bullhorn… when he freaks out? It’s loud.



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#3 Zap – household robot

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Zap is small but really effective household robot. He love to do things in a house 24/7. All this with only one charge.

#3 Robot Taxidermy

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Characters 10-20/30

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10/30 – Roxie the Racer Queen. Figured on some Mad Max post-apocalyptic type thing. I wanted to draw a squished up minibike, like Akira Toriyama would back in the day.

11/30 – Funcrusher Plus. Upgrade on Funcrusher, the 2.0 if you will. It was inevitable.

12/30 – Razorblade Romantic. Another character based off a memorable album title (HIM’s Razorblade Romance). Mostly, I just wanted to draw a dude with a pompadour and a razorblade.

13/30 – The Blind Boxer. This was the last one I’d done after a very long night, kinda copped out with a quick brush pen illustration. Blind Shaolin fighter.

14/30 – Clean-Up. After some lazy submissions, felt like doing some detail work on this one.

15/30 – Det. Robert Booker. Straight laced, no nonsense cop.

16/30 – Piggy Pig. Booker’s partner. Name’s how the criminal element in town refer to him.

17/30 – The Persistent Hunter. Undead cowboy bounty hunter.

18/30 – The Hermit. Wizened old ninja master hermit type.

19/30 – Grimace the Goblin. Another late night cop out.

20/30 – Riot Grrl. DIY vigilante heroine protecting her city.

#25 sax-13

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sax-13 is a Station Agent X Module, just a guy (or robot) trying to do his job, which is making sure that everyone follows the mindless bureaucratic rules of conduct that are operative in public places like the Transit system.

He is likely to show up along certain lines of the Transit system that intersect with worlds whose inhabitants remain largely unaware that it even exists. Known for their inflexibility, the x module has more extensive protocols and subroutines for dealing with the unexpected. That doesn’t mean it likes any deviation from the norm. It doesn’t. At all.

[Co-created with Ken Barnes]

Day 23: Lord Cyberdile

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Squirrel Squad villian

#18 Metal-squito

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He’s actually got a pretty good sense of humor for a steam punk insect robot.

#13: Steel Boy

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Steel Boy was the first successful experiment by Professor Gepettus who would later create the Flamester. In reality he was just a stepping stone in the process of creating a synthetic human. After his creation in 1942 he was recruited by the armed forces to fight the Nazis. After several years leading the war effort along side Golden Boy and the Flamester he was decommissioned in 1950 and put into storage.


Day 14: Cartsward Major

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11/15/2012: Daisy Fields, Ursan Reporter

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NAME: Daisy Fields  SPECIES: Ursan  ORIGIN: Arcade

Having recently arrived in Nexus City with the flood of Ursan refugees fleeing the Trickster’s world, Arcade, Daisy quickly found work with the Nexus Gazette. A former bookstore clerk, Daisy has a hungry curiosity for learning about the worlds beyond her own and saw a job with the most cosmopolitan paper in (known) existence as the chance of a lifetime.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending…)


#13 – Triggerman

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“I am John Triggerman. I am friend.”  An obsolete law enforcement robot, who has somehow started dreaming. He is programmed to be a hostage negotiator and, should negotiations go south, to run a bomb subroutine that blows him up when that big switch in his chest gets flipped. He’s actually made of trillions of nanobots that reassemble him afterwards, and they can customize what kind of bomb he turns into.

While most of his type was decommissioned after the Echelon War, Triggerman remains, with a map hidden inside him, encoded at the base hardware level. Who put it there and for what purpose, he does not know.


Day Nine: Space Piratex

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Space, that was the dream. Space — the place children (our future) all across her country had lived for, before they discovered reality TV in their teen years, the place though which ufological wonks of all ages had wanted to drift.
The actual place was less majestic than the men and women of science-based television programing had promised and closer to an afternoon floating with the refuse of a billion people in the waves of a Lama Island beach in a waning Summer.
The Space Piratex probe didn’t mind, for a start she’d never been to any of Lama Island’s waste-disposal beaches and so was unable to see the sad similarity. No, an enterprising class of public school over-achievers hadn’t built her to despair at the state of the space, Space Piratex had been built to win that class the finals of the “Sweep It Under the Rug: Environmental Solutions” competition. Her directives were clear: clean, clean that cosmos up long enough to get her masters a photo in three of their local papers. It was a task she probably could have completed too, if it weren’t for those attention lacking kids and their rudimentary android building skill sets.

#11 Purge (assimilation mode)

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As part of an insidious alien invasion, the Purge unit is deposited into large population centers, disguised as a child’s action figure.  When it has located sufficient material and energy resources, it switches from the insertion mode to the assimilation mode, and begins conversion of local matter into body mass. This process continues until the Purge unit has reached sufficient size to overwhelm the local population, or until the local resources are depleted.

#11- abel

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#8 Lurve Machine

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Half man, half robot – All lover!

11/05/2012: BAD-533D, Servitor Convict

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NAME: BAD-533D  SPECIES: Servitor  ORIGIN: Nexus City

Once an independent guide for prospectors surveying the Salt Cliffs of Naraka, BAD-533D fell in with a bad crowd during his off-hours in the Nexus City services district. After an incompetent breaking-and-entering spree, BAD-533D was apprehended by Circle Securities and, in accordance with Servitor law, was reprogrammed to inhibit his capacity for free will. Now, BAD-533D fulfills his guide duties at the behest of a wealthy outfitter and has yet to relapse into his larcenous ways.

Model designed in TinkerCAD. 3D printed on my Makerbot Replicator and hand painted with water-based acrylics.


#03 Old Man Clock Killer

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A murderous animatronic theme park robot meant to mimic Old Town’s beloved founder. Somehow the old man’s vengeful soul has been animating it, instead, intending to solve the mystery of who had him murdered in his sleep 150 years ago.

Rather than continue to perform the founder’s famous speeches as programmed, the robot instead repeats the old man’s dying words over and over again: “Time is after us all. It always catches us. It’s so… scary. Time, time is the predator.”


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Day 3: Clanky

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It wasn’t touched on in the first issue but Bee Boy is a bit of a lab rat. He’s always tinkering with his inventions. This one is named Clanky. He was created by BB to assist him with his experiments, do heavy lifting and run out for pizza once in a while. Clanky’s nothing special to look at and has no weapons system but just like a big loveable dog he’s fun to have around. If you’d like to read more about Bee Boy and the Awesome 5! you can check out my website.

#1 Dra’Zun, Guardian Droid

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#1 Dra’Zun, Guardian Droid

Character Back Story:
A rouge asteroid hit and destroyed the planet Azari Prime, home of the Dra’Azari Royal Family. The Royal family and the planets inhabitants mounted a vast interstellar survival plan. Financed by the Royal family and all the resources of Azari, 20 ark space ships were created. The survivors would travel to Azari-3, a colony on the outskirts of their solar system. Azari-3 rich with natural resources would be their new home world. The Royal family created their own ship for the voyage, it was to carry their entire Dra’Azari Family. Guardian Droids were built and placed in all ark ships, also named GD-Units. Their primary functions and programming was to care for the needs of the ark passengers. These droids would maintain the ships, cook, clean, police, and educate. On the Royals ship there were 8 GD-Units.

Ezbeet Dra’Book (Ezbeet equaling to a Duke in Earth terms) sees this migration as a great opportunity to rise higher in the family court. He reprograms the Guardian Droids on the Royal’s Ark to turn on the family and kill them all. In the middle of the mayhem Dra’Book sabotages all the escape pods and uses the only functional one to escape. The GD-Units manage to slaughter almost everyone on the ship within hours. A few of the royalty manage to survive the attack in the children’s nursery, including Ezbeet Dra’Hexra. Dra’Hexra uses the ships computer to reset one of the Guardian Droids, GD-Unit 5.

As a result of the reset, GD-Unit 5 malfunctions merging both it’s origin programing with that of Dra’Book. It believes that it must educate and protect the Royal family by eliminating it. It quickly destroys the other Guardian Droids to protect the survivors. GD-Unit 5 then gathers the remaining Royalty including the children. GD-Unit 5 explains that in must protect the Dra’Azari Royal Family. It then attacks them, killing everyone except the 6 youngest. It has calculated that it must educate, train, and manipulate these six children to be the new leader of the Azari people.

In the chaos of the GD-Units attack, the Royalty’s ark ship was sent severely off course. Years pass by and the children become adults, they began calling the Guardian Droid, Dra’Zun. “Dra” for their family name and “Zun” meaning teacher. In the years that have passed Dra’Zun has taught his students to be ruthless, calculating and unforgiving in all matters. It has also manipulated their genetic code to enhance their strength, durability, speed and intelligence. Dra’Zun’s final lesson will be to have the his students fight and kill each other, until the strongest and most intelligent one survives. This “Winner” will be the rightful ruler of the Azari people. He or she will begin by conquering small worlds to build an army, then take back the kingdom. Dra’Zun plans to remain as this true ruler’s faithful servant.

Behavior Traits:
Patient, Calculating, Loyal, ruthless

Powers / Abilities / Skills:
Invulnerability, Strength, Records of all Azari knowledge

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30 Characters 2011 Raul Aguirre Jr.

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Below is a gallery containing all 30 of my  creations for the 30 Character Challenge.















Day 20 Mighty Joe

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Super intelligent monkey Einstein Burroughs’ greatest creation. The engine of destruction that is ‘Mighty Joe’

#27 – Ms. Saffron

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I’m actually the co-creator of this OC. My friend and I are starting to work on a new story that has scientists and robots and I’ve been wanting to create a character like her for a long time.

#24 Dreadbot

| November 26, 2011 | 2 Comments

Dreadbot is murder machine from the year 3050 who has traveled back in time for the sole purpose of killing you! BOO!