#4 Aunt Teak

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Aunt Teak has sure gotten old. She’s had 2 By-pass surgeries, a hip replacement, and two new
knees. She’s fought both  arthritis, and diabetes.  She’s  half blind, can’t hear
anything quieter than a jet engine, takes 40 different medications that make
her dizzy, winded, and subject to blackouts. She has dementia,
poor circulation, and can hardly feel her hands and feet anymore. She can’t remember if
she’s 85 or 92 and all her friends are dead…….But thank God, she still has her driver’s license!


Aunt Teak is so old, she remembers when rainbows were black and white.
She’s so old, she sat next to Jesus in school.
She’s so old, the candles cost more than her birthday cake.

The nice thing about being senile is she can hide her own Easter eggs.
She is alive, but only in the sense that she can’t be legally buried

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