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Day 26 – SteamPunk Jane

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#12 – New Stalingrad

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Near to the peak of the Cold War, some truly bizarre creations were being unleashed on the World, hugest and most lingering of which was New Stalingrad – a huge walking armored City. The logic of its designers being that a robotic city could move out of the way of nuclear attacks and be very difficult to pin down with long range bombardment.  Hundreds of Soviet Citizens were moved in to operate the city and support it with farms in the upper tiers, a small squadron of fighter jets,  all the power provided by a large nuclear reactor and three medium range atomic warheads.  It then proceeded to wander around the most deserted parts of Siberia keeping out the way of cities which it has continued to do ever since – the robotics technology at the time wasn’t necessarily planned far enough ahead with a way of deactivating it, and much as there is a general consensus that the people inside should be freed, no one wants to provoke a fairly dim robot armed with atomic bombs…


Day 22 Brass Brawler

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30 characters  brass brawlercolor


Part of the illegal fight clubs scattered between London and Paris, Brass Brawler is the premier no-rules fighter in the arenas. Along with his incredible mass and strength, he also has his brass knuckles, and a brass helmet and a brass micro-mesh chain mail to help protect him.

2013 Challenge: Day 27:- The Wood Tinsman

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The Wood Tinsman



The finest in tinsmithing, despite those tendril-y digits.

Day 26: Mayor Mais-Non

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#21 King Triglos

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To be a good ruler, you have to be able to do some things yourself. King Triglos, is trying to prove a point, but this walnut is proving to be his undoing. His trusted power drill arm should do the trick… sometimes you just need a nut.

2013 Challenge: Day 26:- Tumblin’ Joe

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Tumblin' Joe


Never trust a drifter.

2013 Challenge: Day 25:- Dastard Lee, Space Shark

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Dastard Lee, Space Shark



In space, no one can hear you scheme.

2013 Challenge: Day 21:- Phil The Pig

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Phil The Pig



My word!

Day 13 – Battle Bot

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016 – Karinne Von Katzen

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The world Raquel travels is filled with many types of beings.  Nearby Arty’s harbor city in is a prominent cat-folk village where Karinne, his girlfriend, lives.  Both of her parents are diplomats while she herself is studying to be a lawyer.  Arty built her right arm after she lost it due to an accident.


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015 – Jonathan Lyons-Hawkins

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Jonathan’s the reluctant companion of Raquel and a child of one of the former troupe members.  He was asked by both Arty and Arty’s father to look after Raquel.  He was a part of the local group of soldiers until his fight that cost him his left eye.  Jonathan carries both a sword and a pair of muskets (though weapons are not completely finalized.)

014 – Artemis “Arty” Luster

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Arty’s the current “Magician” who takes care of  Raquel.  His grandmother created the automaton when the troupe was just starting out and his father was the one who performed with her.  Arty mostly works at his little repair shop by the shore of his hometown.  It’s only when Raquel needs him when he’ll travel outside.  He took over the job after a devastating accident that caused his father to be bedridden.  His father stays with his wife, Arty’s stepmother, in a nearby town in the valley.  Though very young, many stop by his shop for help. (note: he does have dahlia/delilah/dalilah piercings on the sides of his mouth)

Day 13 The Amazing Daedalus Flyer

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deadalus flyer fixed


Professor Sylvestus Daedalus spent considerable time studying the mechanics of flight as observed in birds. In his pursuit to fly, Daedalus attempted to recreate the motions of flight by manipulating  different wings and surfaces that provided resistance. As a result, he became conditioned as well as a superb athlete. Stumbling upon a series of sketches  of Da Vinci’s that had been forgotten to time, Daedalus was able to crack the code and created the variable wing mechanism- a series of slides and pins that allowed the wings to expand, gap, and contract back as part of the natural flight motion. Literally, the wings would change size and shape during the flight motions. Daedalus took his invention to London, and before a skeptical crowds of tens of people he flew above the highest rooftops and into the fog/smog of the city’s sky and was never seen again.

Day 12 Lord Contagion

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Lord Clarion had an extreme interest in micro sciences- molecular science, microbiology, light particles, etc. As part of his research, Lord Clarion gathered dust from ancient tombs, meteors, hospitals and trash heaps to examine what was happening at the smallest of observable levels. Somewhere along the line, the dust from one of these odd locals contaminated and changed his body. Lord Clarion can spontaneously turn into Lord Contagion, a hideous creature covered in small sores that turn a luminescent blue before releasing spores that cause a variety of horrid and ghastly infections and ways to die. Lord Contagion is happy in his research, now getting to observe the random actions of the spores that come from his body and ill others.

2013 Post# 10 & 11 — TJ and the Avatar of Mars

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Wilcox Post# 10 & 11 — TJ and the Avatar of Mars

This a combination manga/anime style with a boys adventure book. As a matter of fact, I’ve come up with five different “cover designs” for a series of stories based around the TJ character: TJ and the Clockwork Citadel;  TJ and the Silver Pegasus; TJ and the Puzzle of Lemuria, and so on. I’ll have to try the other covers after the Challenge; I don’t think I have a handle on the old school manga art style (not as much as I’d like).


#4 Goliath

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Huge muscles combined with natural urge to smash things makes Goliath natural-born-smasher.

I tried to do this piece without the line work. Still need a lot of practice how to paint digitally.

2013 Post#9 — Johnny Rocket-Butt

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Wilcox Post#9 — Johnny Rocket-Butt

What can I say about this guy? I was working on a different character, something I was trying to draw in a Japanese manga style. I am familiar with mangas (bought my first one in the 1970s), but I wanted my Saturday character to be just right. So I’ve been hemming-and-hawing since then, afraid to commit myself. I looked for and printed off source material, and finally sat down to re-educate myself into the manga style. And within a few minutes created the above little character. Just whipped it off.

Johnny isn’t the character I planned to publish (I’ll do that tomorrow), but  event mentioned above does indicate the advantage of just sitting down, be confident in your own abilities, and just do the thing you planned.

‘Course, if I do the character in the future, i’ll use a brush technique. Sorry about all those scratchy lines.

Day 8- the Prospector

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The Prospector is an expert in the subterranean world. Finding precious metals, gems, minerals, lost mines and tunnels and buried treasures are all in his line of specialty. With the help of master engineers and builders he has designed an array of mining tools, like a shoulder mounted drill that makes him a one-man tunneling crew. It is rumored that he is currently searching for King Solomon’s Mines.


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Afterlife Hunter- Ahab Reeger

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30 characters  afterlifeHUNTER


Ahab Reeger was born with a ghost eye, and his Old World family knew immediately he would be a tracker and fighter of evil creatures and manifestations of the afterlife. Armed with his hand-held Specter mortar and the Dragon’s Tooth blade, Ahab also carries a variety of spices, herbs, talismans, rings and medallions to confront just about any kind of otherworldly evil.

04: Humbert

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Character Name: 
Mr. Humbert Greyfellow

Brief Bio/Description:
Humbert is a self-made man – well, whale-man. He had a knack for business and made his first small fortune by giving the people in his town what they wanted and needed, for a competitive price. Which, at the time, was the news. He worked out the best possible routes to serve the most people in the shortest amount of time and was able to fill more orders on his own than several other postal veterans could with their combined efforts. His mind for mechanics and logistics took him through several local businesses, until he started his own, in furniture. And protection. He doesn’t like to be called the Boss. And his kindness is genuine. But, it’s still “Mr. Greyfellow” to you.

Style Commentary:
I wanted to break way from the alien-people I’ve been doing, so I flipped through the first few pages of deviantART today, and I got hit with this image of a round, hunched, maybe-jovial, maybe-scheming whale-like creature. So, I took to my Photoshop pencils and drew him. Twice, actually (I messed up my layers and had to re-do him). I almost stopped at the sketch stage, but since I’ve been doing so well with colors, I pushed through! I wanted to make him subdued and somber. He still has a little bit of a domineering presence, but his peak is behind him, and he is growing slowly tired of his business empire. Perhaps now he seeks peace and rest, and an heir to his dominion.

#02.) Professor Sullivan Higgbottom

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Haven’t really thought of a description for this guy. Kept it pretty simple tonight, as I’ve been pretty sick.

07: WOMan

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Character Name: 
WOMan (Wireless On-board Maintenance)

Brief Bio/Description:
WOMan, or Wireless On-board Maintenance, is a humanoid computer system designed to complete repairs and general maintenance in various space, land, air, and sea vessels. WOMan comes equipped with full schematics and mechanical instructions installed, specifically for the vessel in which it will be used. WOMan also comes with a self-preservation pod, for repairs and updates to its chassis and software. This pod is also a storage space for any time when WOMan is not in use. Please consult your regional distributor for price quotes and package information.

Style Commentary:
I believe I’d gotten myself into a Ghost in the Shell kick when I started this one. I believe I’d also re-watched Hugo around that time. I wanted to create a mechanical character, one that was very obviously non-human, but still held an element of female attractiveness. I enjoy the idea of many pieces coming together to create a whole, and had a great deal of fun setting all the lines and joints and bolts in her design. It was also fun to eliminate the need for human anatomy, and focus on a more purely mechanical approach to a humanoid form. The flexible compression support that makes up her waist was definitely a move toward blatantly disregarding normal human proportions. Which is fun to do, sometimes!

Publishing Note:
CC2012 entries 05-09 are SUPER LATE but I wanted to get them online anyway. I did them in November, but was unable to get them online due to life’s circumstances and general busy-ness from November until now.

Day 30: Armless Jay

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Jay Weston is brilliant and driven. So much so that when both of his arms were taken by the crime boss, Crazy Teddy, who wished to exploit him for his genius, Jay built new appendages and went back to work on his experiments. When Crazy Teddy’s thugs came back to check in on him again, they found a man ready, with giant crushing arms. With his new weapons, and his fierce dog Tidbit, the crime family doesn’t stand a chance. 

Tiph Hunter – 30 Characters in 30 Days – Mayan Glyph SuperHeros

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Completed!!! That is All!

(drawing 1 character a day for the month of November 2012 by following the Mayan Calendar for those days)

#11 Killer Mike

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#28 – Penobscot J Brownberry

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#23, 24, 25, 26 Fairy Panda & Steampunk Man

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A Peppermint Panda, a Steampunk guy, a confused Naga, and various other stuff.

I am forever playing catch-up. Gah.


#29 Atomic 79

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