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#30.) That Thing

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30characters30If this creature likes you, it will silently follow and just stare at you. It is not aware that most people find this behavior creepy.

#29.) Spider Cat

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30characters29 Is it cute or terrifying?

day 25 – Jabbernowl

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day 25 - Jabbernowl 001

The Jabbernowl. as I see it, a cross between an owl and a donkey. Another term used in W.C. Field’s movie “The Bank Dick” (1940) and refers to a person who is a “blockhead”. The term seems to have been traced to Francois Rabelais’ “Gargantuan and Pantagruel” from 1532 and refers to a person with a large and misshapen head. The concertina? Well, he likes a funky polka beat. (dead computer = unfinished and uncolored – with this one I bow out say I am done after a long couple of days trying to get my computer fixed – the rest are all really rough sketches)

#30 – Wee-Wee

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This little piggy… went home.

#29 – Black Friday

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Black Friday

What started off as a simple day to get a bunch of Christmas shopping done and save some money in the process, soon began to grow and grow…  Little did financial-minded retailers knew they were giving birth to an entity that would soon consume the nation and even the world.  Black Friday has grown out of control… it now overshadows the holiday of Thanksgiving and turns even the sanest of people into monsters who will do anything (even kill innocent people) in their quest to snag a bargain.  Can anything stop Black Friday… or is it too late for that?

#30 – The Unscribe

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An ancient creature whose pen can manipulate the memories of everyone in existence…  Full text to be included later.

#27 – The Mymistan Mammoth

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An Immortal, Indestructible Mammoth used as a weapon by many generations of the same family.  Full text to be added later.

#26 – The Trianglist

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A man who combined his families profession as almost superhuman martial artist assassins, with his own person desire to be a professional classical percussionist.  Full text to be a added later.




#25 – Alice Remillard

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A highly intelligent Lady whose hobby is planning elaborate high stakes crimes.  Full text to come later.

#23 – Gnomdar the Barbarin

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A force of destruction who brings chaos and death in his wake.  Who is also a 3 inch high gnome who can’t even spell his own name…  Full text to come later.

#19 – Pine Blue

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Pine Blue is by all accounts the single biggest poacher in the multiverse – he is a pan dimensional traveller who has dedicated his life to catching every single species of animal in the strange Voxelcube technology of his home dimension.  However, having caught every single Earth species in his own dimension he has begun to travel through the multiverse to go even further – quite frequently stealing endangered species from Zoos and Reserves to do so.  His collection is currently rumoured to consist of the best part of 70 trillion animals, though the specifics of how these are stored and how he has had time to collect all of these is unknown – the current theory is that he has somehow synchronized himself throughout the multiverse, so that every Pine Blue out there is essentially the same man contributing to the same collection…

#30 – Gold Coin

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Gold Coin is the twin sister of Revlis, and another god exiled from the realm of the gods.  After hearing of her sister being banished to earth, she couldn’t really stand for such a severe punishment towards one another, so she chose to exile herself to earth and seal herself in a distant cavern.


Then in the 21st Century, she woke up and wandered the cavern to see if anything has changed.  Searching for her sister, Revlis, Gold decides to head to the land closest to the caves she trapped herself in.


In her time, she had the task of observing people as they grew older.  She could change her “age” at any given time to blend in within various groups to avoid detection should anyone be chasing after her.  She prefers to take the form of a young teenage girl, as it is smaller, and she can move faster in that form.


Unlike her sister, Gold prefers diplomacy to solve her problems.

2013 Challenge: Day 30:- FIREPLUG

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The Tiny Titan of Terror helps me round up my third year of the challenge!  Thanks to everybody who participated, you guys inspire me, and I’m going to spend the time between now and next year poring over your stuff! Special thanks to #TylerJames for getting the ball rolling, and keeping it rolling.

#29 – Donovan the Strange Heat

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Donovan was always that weird kid who everyone made fun of in school.  His complete lack of regard for standard fashion senses was outwardly laughable.  But once he entered college, he decided to embrace his weirdness and use that as the opportunity to become a warrior for his own personal interests.


…But that went horribly wrong, and he has become the target of every criminal in the city.


Will Donovan the Strange Heat survive this madness?


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black friday

#9 & #10 Klimple & Wif: Waste Disposal Associates

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#9 & #10 Klimple & Wif: Waste Disposal Associates There are certain things that you don’t really ever want to keep around. Hazardous byproducts, ancient relics, One Direction paraphenalia, etc. That’s where guys like Klimple & Wif come in. It’s their job to take unwanted materials from one dimension & safely deposit them in another, effectively eliminating whatever that item was from that original dimension’s plain of existence. You got a problem with that? You gotta take it to their bosses, Klimple & Wif are just “associates.” Aside from booming business, both Klimple & Wif’s lives have been on a bit of an upswing. Klimple just won a landmark legal action that grants him permission to wear his father’s carved skull as battlemask in the workplace, as is his cultural tradition, while Wif has finally found a proper course of treatment that stops his bioluminescent acne. — Had the idea of interdimensional trashmen & it got weirder & weirder from there. Probably in the same story universe as the first & last character I did last year. Chances are I’m definitely not hitting 30 tomorrow but let me get out the last couple of guys I was working on anyhow (I’ll have another one after this). Like I said, something came up & I had to prioritize this month. And I feel lame but it is what it is. And I’m still looking to reach my goal of 52 characters for the whole year. Those will eventually be posted on my tumblr (along with a color version of this), & then eventually my blog at some point, so keep checking back.

Day 26: Barret

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2013 Challenge: Day 29:- Randy the Rock Raven

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Randy Rocks


Randy is a big music fan.

#29 Hoogable

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#28 – Sportsman of the Sports

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A wannabe who just invades any sports events that goes on.

Day 19: Gary The Angry Mitten

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JFKDay19_13Gary is Angry…. mostly he’s angry that people keep naming cats “Mittens” (AHEM! ) Man he hates when people do that…


#25 – Ninja Camel

| November 28, 2013 | 2 Comments

Ninja Camel

Have you ever seen a ninja camel before?  No?  Well, you’re not supposed to.  In fact, now that you’ve seen this one… you’re likely gonna die.  Careful, they spit.

2013 Challenge: Day 28:- Polybocephus

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“Y’all lookin’ for some kinda fleece ‘r sum’in?”

#27 – The Caped Anti-Assassin

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Just your ordinary average civilian turned wannabe superhero.  This one, in particular, likes hunting and beating up assassins, including the ones aspiring to be assassins.

2013 Challenge: Day 27:- The Wood Tinsman

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The Wood Tinsman



The finest in tinsmithing, despite those tendril-y digits.

#26 Emotiguru

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#26 – The Hyper Slacker

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Everyone look out!  (No seriously, everyone look out) It’s the Hyper Slacker!


Defender of laziness, he was even too lazy to remove his shirt while wearing his uniform, Crusher of Crime, and Annoyance to Civilians!

#25 – The Strange Schoolgirl

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Nobody knows exactly who she is, or where she came from, but the only real clue to her identity is that she takes on the appearance of a first or second grader wearing a bandana and frequently carrying a backpack.  Many say she’s a ghost.  Others think she’s a monster disguised as a sweet little girl to eat the other kids at school.  And few claim she has superpowers and could save (or ruin) lives.

2013 Challenge: Day 26:- Tumblin’ Joe

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Tumblin' Joe


Never trust a drifter.

Day 25: O-Nose

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Day 18: Mister Tea

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JFKDay18_13Mister Tea does have pity for a proper fool… especially when one is termed a “suckah” (oh and telekinetic power over tea based items… fool!)