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Joseph Trahan – 30 Characters 2013

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A bit late on the summary, but here are my 2013 stats: 10 ladies, 20 guys (same as last year… hmmm…). Just 5 of the anthropomorphic animal-types (including the fire salamander), and (arguably) 12 normal-looking human characters. I was able keep all 30 in a contained fantasy story this year, including 10 avatar characters. My secret theme this year was martial arts characters of which there were 5 (karate or kung fu), and one afro kid who’s moving his arms like tai chi.

My goal for this year was to keep it all in that one world, and I drew a lot of my inspiration from playing Magic the Gathering with my friends, or playing Diablo with my girlfriend. Thanks everyone for the help, patience and inspiration.

#29 and #30 Cage and Bird

| December 6, 2013 | 0 Comments

2013 Day 29-30

My final work containing two characters.

Cage and bird look like two different beings but they are the same.

#28 Royal Lady

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2013 Day 28

#27 Royal Fighter

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2013 Day 27

#26 Pilot Maddy

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2013 Day 26

Maddy likes to fly and she designes new flying machines all the time. Unfortunally does her family not like her passion so she has to conceal some of her inventions in her dresses and accessories.

#25 Marena

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2013 Day 25

#24 Magdalene

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2013 Day 24

OK, this one is a strange one. She is a yellow bunny with wings. 😉

#23 Smoke

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2013 Day 23

#22 Summer Breeze

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2013 Day 22

If the summer breeze could take a form…

#29 & 30 – Ed and Lace

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These are two wolf people from a tech-reliant tribe opposed to Remy and Romulus’ tribes.  The bulky one’s Ed and the smaller one’s Lace, both part of an offense team from the  tribe.


#30.) That Thing

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30characters30If this creature likes you, it will silently follow and just stare at you. It is not aware that most people find this behavior creepy.

#29.) Spider Cat

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30characters29 Is it cute or terrifying?

#27.) Lugger

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30characters27 Lugger is a minotaur. Unlike his more vicious brethren, though, he tends to be a lazy beast. He’s mostly content to lounge around in the center of his Labyrinth smoking his cigarettes and watching T.V. all day. In fact, most people are more likely to be killed by Lugger’s Labyrinth then they are to killed by Lugger himself.

#26.) Delilah the Dust Fairy

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30characters26 Delilah’s job in the fairy world is to spread dust to wherever it is needed. She is often annoyed that most people don’t appreciate her art of dust spreading.

#24.) The Business Lich

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30characters24 Grigoroff the Great and Terrible was a powerful sorcerer who had turned himself into a lich for the sake of immortality. Unfortunately with the advancement in technology over the years, Griforoff found that his power in arcane magic became less and less relevant in the modern world. He eventually resigned himself to being an accountant. He’s now known as Greg the Business Lich.

#23.) Minnow & Jiblet

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30characters23Gah! I’ve been caught up in Thanksgiving, Black Friday, doctor’s appointments and other art projects, so I’ve kind of lost track of this past week.

Anyway, Caleb “Minnow” Jimms is the son of renowned biologist George Caleb Jimms II.His best friend is a panther named Jiblet, who was rescued as a cub and hand-raised by George. The two often venture into the jungle and fight the evils of poaching.

day 25 – Jabbernowl

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day 25 - Jabbernowl 001

The Jabbernowl. as I see it, a cross between an owl and a donkey. Another term used in W.C. Field’s movie “The Bank Dick” (1940) and refers to a person who is a “blockhead”. The term seems to have been traced to Francois Rabelais’ “Gargantuan and Pantagruel” from 1532 and refers to a person with a large and misshapen head. The concertina? Well, he likes a funky polka beat. (dead computer = unfinished and uncolored – with this one I bow out say I am done after a long couple of days trying to get my computer fixed – the rest are all really rough sketches)

day 24 – Ukluk Hahn

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day 24 - Ukluk Hahn 001A Polar Bear shaman, Guardian of the Spirits whose souls are trapped between life and death in the realm of the Northern Lights. (dead computer = unfinished and uncolored)

Day 22 – Elder Agamorph

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day 22 - Elder AgamorphAn Elder Librarian of the Agomorphs, a race of beings made of liquid rock and crystal. He is the keeper of his tribes role of ancestors, the Tomes of Aaz-Ur of the linage of Tyrek. (my computer with Photoshop died yesterday so I’m just scanning these last few characters in uncolored)

Day 21 – King Slugwort

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day 21 - King Slugwort 001King Slugwort of the Elanthi. on his throne of roots and twigs in his mud-encrusted underground palace.

Day 30 – Galactic Sentry

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Day 27 – Emperor Bot

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Day 26 – SteamPunk Jane

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Day 30 – Ms. Mask

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Ms. Mask is a mysterious person of unknown origin.  She has cuts all over her body and always wears a mask (probably to cover scars on her face).  The mask is also broken, suggesting she has been in many fights after she put on the mask.  No one has actually seen her fight, but everyone is afraid of her.  What is her secret?  We may never know.



#30 – The Unscribe

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An ancient creature whose pen can manipulate the memories of everyone in existence…  Full text to be included later.

#27 – The Mymistan Mammoth

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An Immortal, Indestructible Mammoth used as a weapon by many generations of the same family.  Full text to be added later.

#23 – Gnomdar the Barbarin

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A force of destruction who brings chaos and death in his wake.  Who is also a 3 inch high gnome who can’t even spell his own name…  Full text to come later.

#20 – Psirocusis

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Rift Dragons are an ancient Breed who live in the deeps of the oceans where sunlight has never been – they often reach great ages, and collect their hordes from treasures that fall to the seabeds.  Like all Dragons, they covet power, but unlike most other species are a bit more tactful than “swoop overhead and set everything on fire”.  Psirocusis particularly has had great success – by selling off most of his horde he was able to have massive tracts of lands bought on his behalf, and instead of a static horde, he now has his land, be it oilfields or low rent old apartments fleeced for every penny they have, calculated in the cold cruel way of dragons…

#19 – Pine Blue

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Pine Blue is by all accounts the single biggest poacher in the multiverse – he is a pan dimensional traveller who has dedicated his life to catching every single species of animal in the strange Voxelcube technology of his home dimension.  However, having caught every single Earth species in his own dimension he has begun to travel through the multiverse to go even further – quite frequently stealing endangered species from Zoos and Reserves to do so.  His collection is currently rumoured to consist of the best part of 70 trillion animals, though the specifics of how these are stored and how he has had time to collect all of these is unknown – the current theory is that he has somehow synchronized himself throughout the multiverse, so that every Pine Blue out there is essentially the same man contributing to the same collection…

#18 – The Crown of Ctharin

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No one is really sure where the Crown of Ctharin came from, and given the highly public nature of it, it has been deemed impossible to get rid of without causing War with its home country of Mulgarona.  Why it does it’s sadistic machinations, no one is sure, all they know is that it warps the minds of all those who wear it into fulfilling stories.  A Prince or Princess will rise to the throne, and then they become part of the story – they will meet who the crown chooses, fall in love with who the crown chooses and frequently, murder who the crown chooses.  Frequently as they get older it will switch the roles, a handsome young prince will suddenly become an Evil King, only to be slain by a young hero who takes the crown for themselves and the process begins again…  No Arcane reports of Mulgarona have come up with any viable way of breaking the process, and on occasions when people have come close, the crown itself has been known to strike people dead with fire from the eye-like jewel that forms the centrepiece…

#17 – Lady Taheshi

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The Lady Taheshi is considered by most to be a Terrorist and an Assassin, but for many of the Tengu who live in Japan, she is considered their last hope.  Tengu have been pushed back and back into the wildernesses of Japan the more the country has developed, and while there have been reservations set aside in the past, they are frequently encroached upon every time a major building project needs to head that way.  Lady Taheshi is the first one to refound the great Tengu Court of the Mountains and encourages her followers to violently oppose those who would destroy their homes.  The results have been mixed – on the one hand the rate of encroachment has slowed, but on the other the rate at which Tengu have died to achieve this may signal the end of their species entirely as even the greatest swords do not protect one from automatic weapons…