Day 28, 29, 30: Summoner Jay and his Elementals

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Jay was most talented summoner in the academy. While his peers struggled to call on basic globs of water and floating flames, he was creating wurms and drakes from bizarre combinations of material. For him, the skill is almost automatic, his mood flooding into these strangely intelligent creatures.

Jay’s Pitchfire Lurker is a creepy little character. It comes from the black ashes and smoldering goo at the bottom of flames recently died. It sulks around angrily, then flares up into fiery anger at unexpected moments.

Jay’s Bramblethorn Guardian is a bizzare creature. It bulges with entangled stones and scratchy thorns, and does not respond to beck or call. But when Jay or his friends are in trouble, it becomes frighteningly protective and charges into danger without hesitation.

In the world of New Gaius, creatures from the Grey have invaded, and humans are a dwindling species. Beings of magic and myth have manifested to protect and integrate with the last survivors. But still, the fate of humanity is uncertain in this strange, beautiful new world.


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