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#29 and #30 Cage and Bird

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2013 Day 29-30

My final work containing two characters.

Cage and bird look like two different beings but they are the same.

#30 Firefighter Medic

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Day 29: YMCA Karate

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#28 Shopper

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day 24 – Ukluk Hahn

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day 24 - Ukluk Hahn 001A Polar Bear shaman, Guardian of the Spirits whose souls are trapped between life and death in the realm of the Northern Lights. (dead computer = unfinished and uncolored)

#13 – Sofia Ortega

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In the same way that some people spend their lives mastering oration or singing, Sofia Ortega has mastered another verbal art form: lying.  This isn’t to say that she has some magic ability so she can tell anyone anything and get away with it, more that she has mastered it to the point that she can know the perfect thing to say to get away with the most in any encounter.  A simple bit of inflection can make the difference between success and failure, and at her criminal height was walking out of galleries with famous paintings under her arm and talking her way out of it.  These days however, most of her income comes from giving teaching super-expensive symposiums for politicians.

#30 – Death

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30 - Death

This is the grave of Mrs. Pardee’s mother. She never came back, she has no message to pass on to her daughter. While stories of the risen dead give us hope for another chance at life, the simple fact remains that whether you believe it to be the final end or just another change of scenery, death awaits us all.

No #28 Ruben Kaae

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No #28


No #28 Ruben Kaae

Day 30: Lora

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Her name is really spelled Laura, but in order to be part of the group she has to spell it Lora. She joined the group because she thought it was a fashion club, not a group of hoodlum girls who wear short skirts. She’s in now, and there’s no getting out.

Day 29: Zora

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Zora is one of the coolest members of the Mini-Skirt Mob. She prides herself on the fact that her mom named her after a character from a video game. So hip!

Day 28: Flora

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Flora is Cora’s little sister. She’s not really sure she wants to be part of the Mini-Skirt Mob, but she has no choice.

#27 – Uhngha

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Uhngha is a caveman…  He likes doing cave things…

26 Byron

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J James 2013 26 Byron

J James 2013 00

25 Asamantha

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J James 2013 25 Asamantha

J James 2013 00

24 Bethanny

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J James 2013 24 Bethanny

J James 2013 00

23 Anders

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J James 2013 23 Anders

J James 2013 00

#27 #28 #29 #30 #31 Doe Buck Coney Lago and Capon

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Aldegund’s Animal Buddies

A Saturday-morning cartoon chronicling the adventures five of Aldegund’s Animal friends that save the world from alien menace through their wacky hijinx.

Doe is naturally inquisitive, and likes to investigate things. She’s generally the starting point for most of the group’s adventures.

Buck is the unofficial leader.

Coney is the brains. He likes to fiddle with electronics in his free time.

Lago is composed, but can be a little blunt at times.

Capon is more of an easy-going, festive type.

#24 #25 #26 Atomos “Ann” Arnbjorg and Clemens

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30_characters_24_25_26_atomos_ann_arnbjorg_clemens_11262013Venusians. They have come under the pretense of interplanetary alliance in an attempt to steal Earth’s supply of Ununoctium.

Once their lie was exposed, they decided to take a more direct approach, brandishing weapons far too fantastic, and horrifying, even by the standards of the distant future of the year 2000.

All that stands between them and destruction on a planetary scale is an uneasy alliance forged between humans and THE VAMPIRE ROBOTS FROM MARS.

#23 Doom Peddler

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Aldegund’s right-hand-robot, he spreads doom wherever he travels.

Definitely not somebody you wish to run into in a dark alley. Not even in the distant future of the year 2000.

#19 #20 #21 #22 Frank Walker, Ralph Thompson, Willie Robinson and Roy King

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Four volunteers in the enhanced soldier project, their physique has been augmented by modern medicine of the distant future in the year 2000.

The telltale signs of Martian technology, and the eventual appearance of Aldegund lends credential to the theory that VAMPIRE ROBOTS FROM MARS may be due to their desire to attain the enhanced blood to use for their own foul purposes.

#16 #17 Helen Stavros and Douglas Morris

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Daughter of Professor Stavros, and her college sweetheart, they dropped by the research center with the intent of throwing the professor  a surprise birthday party.

Things took a turn for the worse shortly afterwards.

In the distant future of the year 2000.

#15 Professor Stavros

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In the distant future of the year 2000, Professor Stavros is a Nobel prize winning scientist working with the army on a top secret project. To create a better soldier.

Little does he know what lies in wait for him and those around him.

Day 27: Nora

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Nora is the toughest member of the Mini-Skirt Mob. She’s tough and always angry.

Day 26: Dora

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Dora is the lookout. She claims she has the eyes of a hawk, but she’s always hiding a pair of binoculars.

Day 25: Cora

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New version of the Mini-Skirt Mob. Cora is the leader.

#30 Missy Death

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029 – Ann Clarke

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This is the Clarke children’s mother and David’s wife.  She was a gentle soul who many remember for her small kind acts.  She died some time after Jessica was born.

028 – Xiao Fan Tcheng

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Xiao Fan has been with the Clarke family for years, ever since Patrick was born.  She is a very strict nanny, especially to Jess and her own children.  Her mother is British and met Xiao Fan’s father in Hong Kong.  Surprisingly, Xiao Fan’s husband is also from Hong Kong but works all over the world.

027 – Vivian White

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Ms. White is Jessica’s 6th grade teacher.   She’s only have a few years under her belt as a full-time teacher and is close to Stuart.  A portion of her design is based off of an art professor of mine.

Day 28: Detective Marcs

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#29 – Mrs. Pardee

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29 - Mrs Pardee

A middle-aged woman who lives in a well-maintained old house in the suburbs outside of the city, Mrs. Pardee never had a real interest in the spirit world until the flood came. She spends many nights trying everything she can think of to contact her departed mother, who died many years before the flood. Dowsing rods, Ouija boards, crystals, voice recorders left on in empty rooms, Mrs. Pardee has tried it all, and the lack of anything more concrete than a few hand spasms and unintelligible static on a tape has done nothing to diminish her infinite well of hope.