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#6 – Nunchuck Weilding Girl

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This young girl (about 14 years old) found some nunchucks on the floor and decided to start practicing using them.  It is unknown what path she will take.  She doesn’t even know where the nunchucks came from, but she’s willing to do whatever it takes to take care of them until she finds the owner.

#6 – Denise

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Denise is a young high school student who, after joining the local wrestling club, finds herself the most frequent target of her peers.

#6 Akako Yamauchi

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The passenger starship the Ninsun II was on its return flight back to earth when a miscalculation in its flight route sent it into a meteor shower just outside of Mars orbit. The ship took heavy damage and was pulled down on to the red planet. Somehow the youngest person on the flight of thousands, thirteen-year-old Akako Yamauchi was the sole survivor.

Encasing her body in a space suit and filling her backpack with a solar flashlight and all the supplies she could find Akako left the ship in search of help.

Mars had a number of tiny settlements on it, but no more than five hundred people on the entire planet, she search was almost in vain.

After nearly a day of walking she came across an excavation site, a small but abandoned camp at the base of a massive red mountain. A tunnelling operation had been underway, the tunnel was the only place that still had a functioning air filtration unit so was Akako’s salvation.

She took refuge in the tunnel; finally being able to remove her space suit and breath in some pure air, well as pure as filtration units can produce.

Bedding down for the night in the bed of an old drill team member, Akako was woken from her sleep by a sudden sound coming up the tunnel. It sounded like someone was calling to her in a language she didn’t even know. She was drawn to the call and found herself moving further and further into the tunnel, into the mountain.

Her flashlight, her only source of light guided her down and down until she entered a vast cavern. Crystal clear water poured from outlets in the side off the cavern wall and formed a natural pool, a tiny island of red land sprouted from the serine water at its centre, light filled the cavern from a number of strange glowing crystals in the walls, the light seemed to somehow spotlight the island. Akako was still being called, called to the island.

Placing her flashlight down she swim out to it. Dripping wet she walked across the island, her footprints sinking into the soft sand. At the heart of the cave resting on a pedestal of rock was a mask. It was a deep shade of red with white markings over it. The mask appeared to be the perfect size for Akako, fitting her face flawlessly.

Akako was no longer being called. Akako was home. The old inhabitants of Mars rose from their slumber in the cavern to join their new Queen. To join Queen Akako, ruler of Mars and all that comes with it.

#6 – Lawrence

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Lawrence is a detective whose martial arts skills have greatly helped him in his fight against crime.  When he isn’t fighting crime, his breaks are spent hanging out with his best friends.

#6 –

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ONCE AGAIN NO NAME because it’s my bedtime and I’m in a huge rush!!!

This chick is going to be in a space story I’m thinking of!  She works with computers and spacecraft all the time, and she likes being a cutie while doing so yeah!!!

Day 6: Len

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Len is an old dog-like creature that belongs to Judge and his family, but there is much more to his story than being a simple house pet.  While everyone considers him such, Judge and Dr. Calpensky seem to have an especially close bond with him, even talking to him for hours at a time.  Those who observe this behavior dismiss it as a master being devoted to his pet, but Judge and Dr. Calp know something about Len that nobody else does…

On the other hand, Len lives his daily life pretty much exactly as a dog would:  lounging around, eating, playing with Evans and keeping watch over the household.  He also serves as a fun mode of transportation for Evans, hence the makeshift cushion saddle strapped to his back.