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#2- Scorpious

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#1 The Scorpion

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Art by Michael Powell (@mpowelljr)
Words by Rolando Garcia (@roshow)

The U-City terror known as “the Scorpion” is hailed by some as a hero and by others as a raving lunatic with guns. Regardless of who’s right, both agree: the Scorpion changed the way laws were enforced in the world.

The Scorpion was the first masked crime fighter to successfully help the police close major investigations, including the arrest of four serial killers. In the 30 years since he first appeared, his true identity remains a secret to the public.

The Scorpion has been seen less than a dozen times in the past two decades. Still, his success created precedence, paving the way for vigilantes like Ominus and later Revenger, who help the police by operating outside the law.

Behind closed doors, the Scorpion is a moderately successful voice over actor in animated movies and television shows. His stage mother pushed him into that day job when he was only 7. What he really wanted to be was a cop. Being the weird, hard headed teen he was, he started teaching himself. The voice acting job was flexible and undemanding yet paid him well enough that he was able to pursue his other life as the Scorpion. He never married and never had a family of his own.

He’s currently retired, although he follows the current generation of heroes in the news, obsessively.


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She has a child’s fascination with insects: playing with them, jarring them, plucking the wings off them. Her impish ways are alluring, but she will just as soon poke pins through the  hearts of those who fall for her as the specimens in her collections. Playing with her insects, toys, or peoples’ hearts is just her amusement for Sasori.