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#26 – Vaine Glorious (Thee Notorious)

| November 27, 2012 | 2 Comments

In the future, and in the past, in both outer space and inner, Vaine Glorious (Thee Notorious) travels with Circus Proxima as a stage magician, gryphon tamer, starship mechanic, acrobat, thief, and the most feared punk pyrate ever to sail the Golden Galleon. And that’s just what she’s willing to tell you about. Hers is a story that never quite adds up, a face that never resolves…

What is Circus Proxima? It’s a secret circus traveling the endless Road. It’s the Caravan disappearing over the horizon, a Pirate Utopia on wheels. It’s as old as cities, but it hasn’t been created yet. Through circomancy –divination via acrobatics, performance, and art– they map the Immediate to prepare you for what’s next. You can’t buy tickets, you can’t search for it online, you can’t catch it at Vegas. You can only find yourself there, when you’re at your wit’s end, wondering what’s next. When you’ve forgotten what glory looks like, when your secrets have deserted you, when you’ve stayed in the lines they drew around you because you can no longer imagine anything else, you might get a ticket to see her perform. Vaine Glorious (Thee Notorious) will transform and amaze you, and make all things plain.

There’s not much left of the person called Gloria Vaines – that sad sack seems to have vanished entirely from the known universe. Vaine Glorious would have it no other way.

11/11/2012: Tahun Lahtu, Dividaki Thief

| November 12, 2012 | 0 Comments

NAME: Tahun Batari Lahtu  SPECIES: Dividaki  ORIGIN: Dividar Prime

Escaping from a Tartaran slave mine when he was a youngling, Tahun Lahtu grew up on the streets of Nexus City as a pickpocket. Not without honor, Tahun uses his good looks and talent for black magic to steal only from the very wealthy and the irrevocably corrupt. Since Circle-Tech has come to Nexus City, Tahun has done everything within his power to make their stay as difficult as possible.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


11/09/2012: Mohk-Sha, Xitalcit Burgler

| November 10, 2012 | 0 Comments

NAME: Mohk-Sha  SPECIES: Xitalcit  ORIGIN: The Black Hellscapes of Yorn

Once a simple refugee from the Hellscapes, Mohk-Sha learned to survive in the shadowy tunnels of the Undercity. Learning to modify and train the Calipshee, bio-tech leftover from the Xygonian invasion, Mohk-Sha used this new found skill to burgle homes of those lucky enough to dwell beneath the star-sphere above.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


#5 – Eliminada

| November 5, 2012 | 0 Comments

Eliminada inhabits the world of CosmiCat.


#01 – Stop Thief

| November 4, 2012 | 0 Comments

Going to be using this month to practice using illustrator more (colour in photoshop). Don’t know what this little guys is holding, but he stole it!

#30 – Rattila Half-elf

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

Day 30 - Rattila Half-Elf by George Ward

Rattila  is the bastard child of Lovalor (day 29) and an Elf Princess who died in child birth  (long story).  She was exiled from the elf community as soon as she was old enough to survive on her own and she traveled to a human village which rejected her because of her elven blood.  She learned to hate both elves and humans and made her way to communities that had many mixed races.  She had to learn to fend for herself and became quite a skilled fighter.  She was also hard hearted and was willing to steal or kill to survive. She  eventually met Adrika (Day 14) and became her loyal body guard.  The two of then have become an unstoppable force ever since, much to the horror of anyone who crosses their path.

Lovalor (Day 29) is unaware of any of this but he is aware that he has a child somewhere and is out looking for her.  How will he react when he sees what she has become?  How will she react meeting her father for the first time?  That is a story for another day.

#22 Bodger Quickfoot

| November 26, 2011 | 0 Comments

Bodger  Quickfoot is a Halfling Thief. One of the best. Watch your valuables and most especially watch your back. He gets double damage on his back stab move!

#9 The Sky Bandit Beatrix Sprawling

| November 16, 2011 | 1 Comment

In this day & age, everyone is taking to the skies with planes & all manner of airships. Why should bandits & highwaymen be much different? With the help of her trusty pressure pack Ol’ Gus, The Skybandit Sprawling spends most of her days up in the stratosphere, sticking up any rich, unfortunate soul that enters her airspace. As far as sky bandits go however, pray Beatrix’s the one holding you up. She lives by a series of codes, & she wouldn’t hurt anyone unless she was really forced to hurt them.

Still, it’s best to just hand over your valuables as quickly as possible, as not to test her.


Since the character I labeled as steampunk the other day wasn’t really that steampunk, here’s something more traditionally in that vein. Though I guess it’s more of a Last Exile/’Dieselpunk’ sort of thing I’m thinking here. The thing I had on my list of jump off ideas was Dieselpunk Aviatrix. Whatever it’s still anachronistic. That propane tank cappuccino machine looking thing’s supposed to be her jetpack. It’s set up to either work like a sled or as a back pack. And the red stuff on her arms were supposed to be tattoos, because it bugs me sometimes that ‘punk’ is part of word but never really paid much mind to. I also made her chunkier for two reasons. Firstly, the variety. I felt like the other girls I was drawing were all pretty close to one shape. And second, I felt for her particular case, it kind of helped give her that old-timey, Rosie the Riveter, up-&-at’em kind of attitude. I think I drew the arms too long, & I’m not entirely happy with the rocket pack, but I do like the detail on the head (goggles/scarf) & how the hair came out.

Two more. Hopefully I can maybe do another one tonight.

Since I’ve got you here, check out Morgan Jeske’s tumblr. He’s an all-around cool dude with great taste. He’s doing his own 30 Characters & posting them on his tumblr. He’s in much better shape than me at the moment, giving you a half month’s worth of characters to go check out. Go now! It’s some awesome stuff.

#14 – Adrika the Thief

| November 14, 2011 | 0 Comments

Day 14 - Adrika the Thief by George Ward

Adrika is a small, spunky young woman who is a master of the blade. Outspoken and smart mouthed, she has had to fight her way out of trouble on more occasions then she can count.  The youngest of five children, she has been bullied and mistreated by her older brothers most of her life.  Her father was a brute of a man who cared little about having a daughter and her mother was too over worked and feeble to stand up for her only daughter.  As a result, Adrika has had to learn to defend herself against opponents much bigger and stronger then her most of her life.  She was blessed with an amazing dexterity and flexibility that helped her survive long enough to learn to fight with a blade.  As a result, she never faces a foe face to face and will dodge attacks until she can gain the upper hand.  As an adult, she is feared by all who know her and few would dare get on her bad side.  However, there is always some stranger who comes into town and mistakes her for a smart-mouthed brat.  She usually allows them to live so they can spread her name across the country. She hopes that one day everyone will know Adrika is the name of someone not to be trifled with.

#5: The Imp

| November 6, 2011 | 0 Comments

The Imp is a mischievous thief  who is notorious for causing pranks during his crime spree and has a reputation for being extremely difficult to capture. This acrobatic troublemaker is not only infamous for his criminal pranks, but famous within the public school systems as a rebel within the Establishment. Even the heroes in the Superhuman community find it difficult to apprehend him as his crimes usually end up with the object returned after a number of days, plus the publicity backlash that comes with any hero who attempts to arrest the Imp. His crimes seem based on the the simple fact that The Imp is looking for a challenge to his skills and once he succeeds and claims his quarry, he sees no further point in keeping the object of his affection.

The Imp’s list of crimes range from:

– Stealing the Millenium Park’s Cloud Gate (The Bean) and replacing it with a Giant Inflatable Bouncy Castle, full of Beans.

– Disrupting the Bank of America Marathon by introducing laxatives into the runner’s courtesy drinks, while he infiltrates the corporate headquarters and, I kid you not, rearrange the office furniture while taking the list and emptying out the accounts of several of the wealthiest people within the City.

– Spray Painting ” What’cha Talking About, Willis?!” across the Sears Tower, upon its announcement that the Sears Tower will be called Willis Tower.

– Stealing the Lion Statues at the Art Institute, and if that wasn’t incredible enough, made a mock sculpture of it with a series of stools and kitten plushies.

– Released fireworks within the United Center during a Bulls Game, activating the sprinkler systems (which were filled with paint) and amidst the chaos, stole the mascot costume of Benny The Bull.

Abilities: The Imp is an amazing acrobat, demonstrating skills of an Olympic Class athlete, while showing elements of parkour and free-running to increase his evasive ability. The Imp also carries a numerous objects to aid in his crimes from smoke bombs to grappling hooks, even a special “Taser Touch” where the Imp’s hands set off a charge, stunning his obstacles. The Imp has also demonstrated the ability of climbing and clinging to any surface, possibly due to either his Electrical Gloves, or a preternatural ability.

Design: This is actually more of a recent creation, as I rummage through various costume concepts and was intrigued by a Spider-Man concept with the padding, so I played around with the design and combining the agility and creating a monster persona around the outfit, I created the Imp. His methods and personality seem more of a “off the top of my head” type of writing and it works for this character, as I now do see him more as a Neutral type who operates as a villain type, yet due to his persona as more of a prankster than a malicious supervillain,The Imp belongs in that rare “tweener” category in wrestling where he does heelish acts, but is cheered by the public as a face.

#4: Sliver

| November 5, 2011 | 0 Comments

# 4 : Sliver

A mysterious and dangerous hunter, the enigmatic mercenary called Sliver.

Sliver was once a man who lost his arm in an archaeological site digging out a Medieval armory. Though lacking an arm, he managed to procure a strange gauntlet. This gauntlet, unbeknownst to him ,was one piece of a complete suit of enchanted armor  of an ancient warlord that, legend has it, possessed a mind of its own.  This gauntlet possessed the man and overtook his will to become the Hunter known as Sliver,  whose only goal is to procure the remaining pieces of his Cursed Armor so that it can be whole again. He is currently in possession of at least two known components of the Cursed Armor, the Right Gauntlet and the Helm,  which was taken from the Smitsonian and the cloak from the Field Museum.

While the Armor thefts are a concern, its the fact that whenever Sliver comes to to collect or follow a lead on a Cursed Armor piece, he leaves behind a trail of bodies in his wake, which makes Sliver a Most Wanted Superhuman in all law enforcement and federal government agencies. Sliver is also wanted as a top assassin due to his relentless pursuit of becoming complete, neither any opposition or reasoning will stop Sliver from achieving his goals.

Abilities: The Cursed Arm possesses metamorphic properties that encases its host in a metallic coating that protects the user from almost any known weapon. The hand is capable of extending its fingers into impossible lengths and are capable of transforming into various weapons, such as swords, spears, and hooks, for use in combat and defense, as pieces of the armor are capable of projecting spikes out of its exposed plating. The Cursed Helm is another addition that essential suppresses the host’s identity and becomes its own entity, while providing the main means of speech and info in his search for his missing Armor.The Helmet also possesses the same metamorphic properties as the Arm. Sliver wears a kevlar woven bodysuit and the remnants of its previous wielders cloak.

Creation Notes: This character was inspired from me looking at a book on the Art of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy at a Barnes & Noble and saw a helmet from a list of concept sketches for Sauron, and this character stems from that one picture, while taking a nod from Witchblade regarding the weapon arm. The look and style changed throughout high school and I felt it was best to showcase this character. The pose is also based off a previous drawing of Sliver as that was my favorite pose for the character.