30 Characters Challenger: Julie Leone

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Hellu hellu!~

I am me!

And you are not!

Now that introductions are done lets continue!  I work as an Assistant Manager in a Novelty Retail Mall Environment! (basically if you abbreviate that I’m an Ass.Man Ianrme?  What a horrible thing D: )  I sell horrifying things to wackados and secretly judge them. Since November is a very busy time in retail and malls I shall probably be doing most of the things that shall be posted as quick doodles while on lunch break in the food court!  I even got a new sketchbook, colored pencils and a sharpener that looks like a globe for this! =x

Doodling and Drawing mean two different things to me. To draw is to take the time to formulate what your doing, who you want to make, and what you want them to be doing.  Doodling is more random, you sit down, maybe have a vague idea of who you want to make and just start!  The picture forms as you go!  I am more of a doodler!

The things I doodle are random, its very interesting because even I never know what I’m making.  It can be influenced by a song, people around me, something someone said in passing, a picture on the wall, a crack on the floor, anything!

About me:
-I love randomness but adore storyline.
-Random battles make me angry but I get bored without them.
-Changing a word or two in a song to something entirely different is always fun.
-I have two cats that are mine, one is named Shana after a God of Death and Destruction from some game and the other is Nids, whose real name was Odin but that sucked so I changed it backwards and changed the O to an S.
-Listening to music and watching people move is very fun, also thinking up music videos in your head can be entertaining.
-I’m always up to trying a new craft just to see if I can do it!
-Pixelated objects make me happy!
-If I find two pieces of different figures I will try to combine them in some magically strange way.

I call this section “Other people might (this) BUT I (something to counter it)
Other people might have fancyness or specialness BUT I am rather odd and like silly things.
Other people might run a comic BUT I pretend to be publicist for one.
Other people might have art published in a magazine BUT I’ve sold randomly made things at convention’s.

If I could keep my attention span focused on one thing I would love to try and make a comic but it just never seems to work out most of the time. =x

I decided to join this because since I love making new random things I figured trying to do one a day in a row with a buncha people for a month would be a nice way to make the creativity flow very muchly so! I do have a SketchBlog thing that I always forget to update @ Kiwi’s Attack!

Here’s the type of things you can expect!:

A Watch Person Needle StaffMermaid Swirling Poop Hair Style!

Dragon WurmThis ones just for fun =x

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I am me!~♥ X3

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  1. Madamsir! Your arts are adorable things~!

    Many many loves from me to you!

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