2011 Challenger: Kristin Bowles

| October 19, 2011 | 1 Comment

Hey there, people-who-are-reading-this!

I’m Kristin Bowles. I’ve got a fancy-schmancy website (www.kristinbowles.com), a fancy-schmancy blog (www.kristinkreates.wordpress.com), and a fancy-schmancy degree (BFA in Game Art & Design).

As a recent graduate from the Art Institute of Tampa, I’ve managed to network with a whole bunch of cool people, several of which showed this event to me, and at least one of which told me I’d better participate, or else.

That aside, I used to draw random characters all the time. Y’know, before I went to college, back in the days when I had time. And I’d like to get back to doing it, and having time.  And I need a huge kick in my drawing butt. So, here I am. Woo!

Tyler James instructed me to put up some pictures. So, here you go.

Kristin Bowles Logo
Whoa, it’s my logo! 
Kristin Bowles
Ugh, it’s me. Sums things up pretty well, anyway.

And here are some tiny thumbnails of some stuff that’s decent enough for me to share!



Oh, and some stuff I plan to do, or at least I’m mulling over in my brain:

  • using a random word generator
  • revisiting old character designs and improving them
  • using a predetermined list of theme words (including months, seasons, and holidays)
  • drawing more men, because all I seem to draw are ladies!

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  1. Great assortment of pieces! I think you’ll do very will with the challenge! I’m the opposite, I need to design more ladies and less dudes. lol

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