2011 Challenger: Jules Rivera

| October 22, 2011 | 3 Comments

My name is Jules Rivera and this my second year tackling the 30 Characters Challenge.  I am a webcomic artist responsible for writing/drawing comics Valkyrie Squadron and previously Marsh Rocket.  I am also taking up artist duties on Hard Graft in the near future.  As far as published comics goes, I am credited with color assists on Joe Mulvey’s SCAM.

My intent with this year’s challenge is to develop my character reportoire in new, different directions with a focus on character design on production (i.e. turnaround sheets).  I’ve always meant to expand my portfolio and I feel that this challenge helps me to accomplish that.

I met a few cool challengers from last year and I look forward to meeting even more new people this year.  Good luck everyone!

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I am the author of the webcomic Valkyrie Squadron (http://www.valkyriesquadron.com) and artist for webcomic Hard Graft (http://hard-graft.net)

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  1. Tyler James says:

    Can’t tell if you’re air quoting something or talking about the size of the fish you caught. Either way, good pic and good luck this year!

  2. G.R. says:

    I love your character designs from last year’s challenge. Your use of color is amazing & I really like your inking style. Looking forward to seeing your new creations this year.

  3. G.R. says:

    P.S. The unique individual expressions of each ‘human’ character is really cool too! 🙂

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