2011 Challenger: Dom Gazzuolo

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A year ago I wrote a comic book related post everyday (unpaid) on my blog titled, 365 Days of Comics. It was an interesting experienced during which I learned a few things about myself. I mainly learned that I’m a huge idiot.

Every day…what was I thinking? There were some days I had to fight time, Crank-style, just to get to on a computer and write a parody of “You Down With O.P.P.” about B.K.V. (Brian K. Vaughan), so that I would not miss a day. At the time it seemed important, but looking back I see that I was, in fact, a huge idiot. It wore on my mind and made me overly stressed about something that held no real significance.

Have you ever served at a busy restaurant? Some nights are so stressful that when you go home and get to sleep you have nightmares about stupid things like forgetting to get a refill on someone’s water or bringing over an extra ramekin of potsticker sauce (P.F. Chang’S). You would wake up and have to calm yourself by grabbing your hello kitty stuffed dolls close and remind yourself that it’s over, it doesn’t matter anymore…you’re safe. Stressing over if I was going to be able to write a thoughtful post everyday is a lot like stressing over if I brought extra lemon for a big spender’s water, the previous night. It’s over. It doesn’t matter anymore. I’m safe. Or so I thought…

When I saw this challenge to come up with 30 characters in 30 days my first reaction was, “no, not again!” But after a nice long cry in the shower, I began to think, “30 days…is that all?” There was something about those tears in the shower that turned me into one cocky bastard when it comes to anything that doesn’t challenge me for 365 days.

  • 117 days without sunlight…pssh! My sunglasses are broken anyway!
  • 238 dys of not being ble to use the letter “A”…hh, I lugh t the chllenge!
  • 7 days without BK. Okay…that’s different. I’m no savage. (Have it your way!)

30 days of anything…bring it on!

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