2011 Challenger: Thomas P. Leahy

| October 28, 2011 | 1 Comment

A baker by day, a doodler by night.

I’ve been on a year long (and more) love affair with the Inktense and Graphitint pencils from Derwent, they’ve lured me out of the world of greyscale sketching and pixels for some time now and given me a fiendish new lease of life. I’m drawing almost every day now and while I am eternally in the grip of bad habits, I’m enjoying the results. I am hoping this challenge will test me a little and encourage me to draw things I might not have otherwise attempted or considered.



I will be working with Inktense and Graphitint pencils (not forgetting the trusty water brush) almost exclusively for the challenge. If you are participating and also likely to be working wholly by pencil etc. I’d love to hear from you. I can see from some participant profiles so far that we’re going to be treated to some really great digital art, I hope I don’t let the pencil and paper team down too badly in providing some contrast. 🙂

My greatest danger is leaving a drawing until the evening and choosing to make my comfy bed the workspace… zzzZZZ.

(I’ll be celebrating my birthday on the 5th so I’ll be preparing a buffer on the 4th to cover my disappearance into London for the day. Bwah!)

Challenge fuel: Tea & Coffee

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  1. seskimo says:

    looking forward to seeing lots of your stuff!

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