2011 Challenger: Jeff Harris

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30 Characters in 30 DaysHowdy, hello, and salutations.

My name is Jeff Harris.

I’m a writer. I’ve been writing for many years, professionally for a touch over 13 years. Mostly, I’ve been writing commentary about animation, comics, and the industries that house them, mostly at my own domain and various blogs and such. Now’s not the time for plugging them. At least, I don’t think so.

I’ve been writing fiction much longer than that. I think I wrote my first story at the age of five. I wrote my first book at the age of eight, and I had a teach take my second book away from me and never seen again. I’ve dabbled in detective stories, sci-fi dramas, adventures, martial arts tales, fantasy, and superheroic fiction. I’ve created many characters over my 33 years of life, but I’ve never did anything like this before.

30 characters in 30 days? It’s possible. I have to flesh out an entire world in a month. I don’t want to use any of my other characters and worlds, so I’m starting from scratch. A superhero story and a potential universe out of thin air.

What fun! Wish me luck.(Feel free to follow me at @nemalki on Twitter and thoughtnami at Tumblr; that’s the only outside plug I’ll do now).

And keep creating.

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