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Jeff Harris: 30 Characters in 30 Days – Final Thoughts of 2011

| November 30, 2011 | 2 Comments

You see all these characters in one place, you feel a sense of pride.

You created 30 characters in 30 days. That’s an accomplishment. I’m actually shocked that I managed to finish the challenge this year and on time too largely because of one obstacle that I didn’t count on:

I didn’t have a scanner. At all.

I didn’t have a tablet either.

The point of a comic character challenge is that it’s a visual medium that I have to work with, and considering I didn’t have either a scanner or a tablet, I was doomed. So, what did I do? I drew with this software called My Paint using a mouse. All of these drawings were scrawled with a click and a push. It was strange, but I got the hang of it. And I did it. Thirty characters drawn with a mouse. I also had a few job assignments I wasn’t counting on at the end of the month that kind of made me do drawing-only posts, which is unfortunate.

But I know one thing. Next year when I do this (if the fates allow, I’ll be back doing this in 2012), I’ll be better prepared with a scanner. But I had fun creating characters and fleshing out a few I’ve had on my mind. To all of you who also did 30 characters in 30 days, I salute you. To those who didn’t, don’t give up and continue to have fun with the medium. To all my fellow storytellers, image-makers, and creators of worlds, create! The world needs many voices beyond the Big Two publishers. There are many stories to tell, so tell them. Write them. Draw them. Create them.

And keep creating.

#30 Seth Wight

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

Seth Wight was a great detective.

When he got killed 20 years ago, he was at the top of his field, the best of the best. That’s where the story would end.

But this is no normal story.

In 1950, Seth found himself alive again. All his memories intact, A fully-furnished apartment/office. A pack of his favorite smokes. His fedora and suits cleaned and updated for the times. Everybody knew he died and unsure how he came back, but they accepted his return with open arms as Junction Point’s greatest detective has come back to solve murders, thefts, and heists that police officers can’t.

Little does he know he’s being trailed by the Woman in Yellow., the woman who killed him in the first place.

Seth Wight: (C) and TM Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount

#29 Abe Lincoln – Pro Wrestling Champion

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

Before he became the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln was a professional wrestler.

This much history tells us.

But did you know that he competed in a true intergalactic competition known as WrestleRama where the young scrapper fought the greatest fighters in the entire universe?

Alongside his sparring partner Jack Armstrong, Abe Lincoln took on the brutal beasts, magic wielding wrestlers with his testicular fortitude and his patented axe handle slam finisher.

He has risen to become the Earth’s first Intergalactic Wrestling Champion.

Politics and wars, it seems, are rather easy by comparison.

Abe Lincoln: Pro Wrestling Champion: (C) and TM Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.

#28 Lucius Maxwell

| November 28, 2011 | 0 Comments

#27 Leto Kinaro

| November 27, 2011 | 0 Comments

#26 Lightraider X

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#25 Moonweasel

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#24 Helmsley Sharnoff

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#23 Reggie “52” Weeks

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#22 Aguila

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#21 Aadesh

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#20 Cardburn

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#19 Lisette

| November 19, 2011 | 0 Comments


“Le combat est stupide, mais je dois le faire. pour survivre dans ce monde insensé.”

Lisette Oiseaux was a dancer. She dances when she’s happy and feeling joyful, but she has been trapped in the middle of a war that has torn her homeland, Roches le Fau apart. As a child, Lisette was a nurse to the wounded, often called Fille de l’Espoir, “The Girl of Hope,” by the soldiers. As she grew into a woman, her reputation only increased as Lisette became a symbol of the resistance, and joined the battlefield.

Skilled in savate and parkour, Lisette was unstoppable, quick, and quite guile. “Combattant de la Foudre,” The Lightning Fighter.

When the war ended, many wanted Lisette to become their queen, but she revealed she’s not a ruler, but one of the people, and she chose to remain with the people she loved so much.

Lisette’s youth was never a hindrance to her. In fact, she used it to her advantage. When chosen to compete in this mysterious tournament, Lisette was hesitant to leave. However, when learning of the prize money offered to the winner, she knew that it could help the reconstruction process of her homeland  in a big way, so with a heavy heart, Lisette left her homeland as an icon and hopes to return as a champion, though in the minds and hearts of her fellow countrymen, the Girl of Hope already is.

Lisette: (C) and TM Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.

#18 Gipper

| November 18, 2011 | 0 Comments


An Army brat, Mitch Gipper never knew one place that he could call home.

He was always the new kid, and as such, he was always getting himself into fights.

His father was a Combatives instructor who taught his son the basics in self-defense. In time, he became an instructor of Combatives as well upon entering the Army.

After a tour of duty overseas, Gipper found himself in the middle of a fight between a pair of soldiers on opposing sides. He beat the opposing soldier to submission, but instead of being thanked, his fellow soldier felt humiliated and challenged Gipper to a fight.

Gipper manhandled his opponent, but conflicting reports from his superiors (who was close to the family of the beaten soldier) forced a trial for an immediate court-martial and a dishonorable discharge. Although cleared of all charges against him, Gipper did receive an honorable discharge from the Army and reentered civilian life.

Nowhere to go, he found himself in the world of mixed-martial arts where he became one of the world’s most dangerous fighters.

That moniker brought him fame and fortune as well as the attentions of a mysterious promoter who signed him to compete in a tournament unlike any other where he’ll get whatever his heart desires.

Gipper doesn’t want money. He has enough. He doesn’t want fame. He gets mobbed everywhere he goes.  He wants vindication and to be considered the world’s greatest fighter.

And he just might be.

Gipper: (C) & TM Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.

#17 Khaos

| November 17, 2011 | 1 Comment


There is a thing about patient #457435905 of the London asylum only known as The Stone that he doesn’t want you to know:

He is not crazy.

He is of sound mind and body, but he has this fighting style only known as “Straitjacket Patient.” Similar to what the Chinese call “drunken style, it mixes wild bodily movement with quick, yet erratic motions. He’s not going to teach it, and he’s the best at it.

He has entered a prestigious fighting tournament to showcase his fighting style.

If he wins, he’ll realize that he’s the best fighter in the world and will be content with that victory. If he doesn’t, perhaps the madness within him will make him more . . . dangerous. His abrasive, yet happy-go-lucky demeanor is a facade for the cold, brutal fighter that lurks within.

He won’t use his real name ever.

He’s only known by what he brings to the arena – “Khaos.”

Khaos: (C) & TM Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount

#16 Firelight

| November 16, 2011 | 1 Comment


Nobody knows why Kendall Bright entered that field the night he received his powers, not even Kendall himself.

The fact is he was afraid to face an uncertain future without the love of his life, who left him for another without any warning.  Maybe he wanted some alien force to just take him away from this planet never to return again.

Maybe he wanted to die that night and just rot out in the field.

Whatever the real reason, he laid in a field bombarded with astral radiation. It was a freak occurrence the local media reported.

The radiation left Kendall Bright with the headache from hell . . . at least the first night. It also caused his body to reach incredibly high temperatures, as if it was on fire.

No flames came from his body that night, but his body did burn through the hospital bed as well as through five floors.

A clandestine group took him in and transformed him into a weapon.

Codenamed “Firelight,” this hero took to night skies and became a fiery knight of justice.

All he wants is a normal life, but he’s not denying that he’s having fun in this new identity of his.

Firelight: (C) & TM Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.


#15 Bricher

| November 15, 2011 | 0 Comments

BricherDudley “Brick” Bricher was born in Bloodstained Corner in Junction Point.

That’s what the locals call it anyway, the actual name is Bludstaint Corner, named after McAllroy Bludstaint, the most famous baseball player to ever come from the city. “The Great Mac” hit 700 home runs and is a hall-of-famer.. Nowadays, Bludstaint Corner is a district overrun with mob crime and many bloody conflicts among the three houses.

Thus it’s colorful nickname, Bloodstained Corner.

Nobody dares to go there between the hours of 12:01 AM and 12 Midnight, at least not on purpose. The police are just as bad, if not worse, than the mobs. Those who aren’t connected to the three Houses (not to mention the unofficial “Fourth House” known as the Junction Point Police Department) are stuck in the middle.

Dudley Bricher is one of those perpetually stuck. He’s a good guy by nature. A trained cook, he owns and operates a local restaurant, one of the few not controlled by one of the houses. At times, they let him be and don’t consider the massive guy a threat.

Unfortunately, a series of events in Dudley’s life has turned his life upside down. A murder involving his brother and sister-in-law has made his entire family a target by the families, and instead of sitting back in fear, the former Marine takes back not only the streets but his life.

At 55, he’s not as young as he used to be, but he’s more than willing to fight for what he believes in. And he knows it’s not going to end pretty.

Bricher: TM & (C) Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.

#14 Canis the Mighty

| November 14, 2011 | 0 Comments

Canis The Mighty700 years ago, the kingdom of Kryzania knew nothing but war. Peace was an illusion, and those who wouldn’t serve under the merciless king Kryzan would quickly know death. An ancient talisman transformed a young male into a mighty warrior whose sole purpose was to destroy  the evil and bring peace in his world once again.

His name was Canis.

He eventually defeated Kryzan and took over the kingdom, now known as Arziana and brought in a new era of change.

A generation has passed and King Canis, weathered by the sands of time, still reigns supreme. A group of soldiers, lead by the ancestors of Kryzan, is preparing to take back the kingdom and kill the king. They have no idea the old Dog King still has a lot of bite behind his bark and is more than prepared to unleash hell on his opponents.

Canis: (c) & TM Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.

#13 Rael

| November 13, 2011 | 0 Comments


There have been tales about brothers at odds throughout history.. Cain and Abel. Mycroft and Sherlock.And now, Cife and Rael.

Rael is the younger, taller, more-attractive brother, but age is a number, taller people have to duck everywhere they go, and looks aren’t everything, as Cife will tell you. Rael is a hunter. He is proficient with projectile weapons as well as his own psionic attacks. He’s a little aloof, but keeps a steady head in the face of danger.

He’s not as powerful as his brother, but he’s no slouch in timebending abilities. Rael is a puzzle-solver, able to decipher mysteries and riddles, often with ease.The only puzzles he hasn’t been able to figure out are why the High is targeting his brother and why they chose Rael to kill him.

Regardless, he’s traveling with his brother across time, space, and dimensions keeping his brother in line and, much to his displeasure, kill Cife with ease.

But it’s a journey Rael wouldn’t miss in a minute.

Rael: (C) and TM Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount..

#12 Cife

| November 12, 2011 | 0 Comments


Who said time and dimension space travelers are always goofy guys with a childlike innocence?

Meet Cife. Five foot five. Probably one of the most powerful beings in the universe, with the ability to travel any place, any time in the universe. He has seen the birth of the universe, and he knows how it ends. He prefers staying in the middle of all that. He’s been accused of being many things, including the devil, God, an angel, a savior, a demon, but he’s just Cife.

No one knows why he decided to stick to the 21st century. He knows something is about to go down, but his memories have been foggy to say the least. Strange events that he can’t control tend to be around when he does, so maybe it’s all his fault.

But he’s prepared for a fight. He may be tiny, but he’s tough. And he has friends, especially that angelic hipster brother of his Rael, who was, more or less, chosen to kill him.

Cife wouldn’t have it any other way.

Cife: (C) and TM Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount..

#11 Binary Eye

| November 11, 2011 | 3 Comments
































#10 Urn Maldicta

| November 10, 2011 | 0 Comments

Urn Maldicta

First sighting: 50 Years Ago

Alias: The Curse of San Vilatin Swamp

Identity: Deceased – Vernon “Urn” Maldicta

Features: Pale skin, stringy black hair

Skills: Superhuman strength, invulnerability, spectral projection, necro touch (a spiritual touch that allows pain and torture to enter one’s mind)

Nobody goes to San Vilatin Swamp anymore. A man named Vernon Maldicta was tortured by a group of anti-immigration militia-men. Maldicta, an Italian-Spanish worker who was a legalized citizen, died and ended up encased in a deep pit of swamp muck.

His body was gone, but some said his spirit remained, seeking revenge on the descendents of those that tortured and killed him. They called the spirit “Urn” Maldicta. Nobody dared to say his name aloud because Maldicta is believed to translate to “bad word” or “curse” depending on who’s talking.

50 years after his murder, Maldicta’s wraith has tempered, but he still doesn’t have salvation nor peace and wants redemption and to find peace within himself.

Unfortunately, the world around him has changed. A land developer transformed much of the swamp into real estate, and none of the residents are even aware of the spirit that resides within it, lurking and seeking vengeance.

Urn Maldicta: TM and (C) Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount

#9 Hyperhawk

| November 9, 2011 | 1 Comment

First sighting: Two Years Ago

Alias: The Crimson Wing of Justice

Identity: Secret – Unknown

Features: Red helmet, winged cape, red-armored suit

Skills: Martial artistry, multilingual/multitonal mimicry, “hawk’s screech” sonic cry.






Hyperhawk: TM and (C) Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.

#8 Renard Roux

| November 8, 2011 | 0 Comments

Renard Roux

First sighting: Three Years Ago

Alias: The Red Fox

Identity: Secret – Albert Couteau

Features: Red face mask, dress suit and top hat

Skills: Expert swordsman and parkour runner

No one knows why the gentleman thief known as Renard Roux has made life a pain for the law enforcers across the country. Most aren’t even sure if it’s the same guy.

But there is only one Renard Roux. He has stolen gems, paintings, and fortunes. The public doesn’t know that he’s Albert Couteau, a former reality show star turned model. He hides behind a crimson mask  and is always dressed for a formal party. He’s cunning and manipulative, not to mention a notorious flirt towards women and men. However, his intentions remain his own, and he’s having way too much fun as a criminal than he ever thought he would.

He’s a sharp character, as deadly as he is brilliant..

Renard Roux: TM and (C) Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.

#7 Contrail

| November 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

Contrail - The Midnight Crusader

First sighting: Three Years Ago

Alias: The Midnight Crusader, Guardian of the Sword

Identity: Secret – Amir Hafiz Saifullah

Weapons: Retractable plasma whips which could transform into a lightsword on each hand

Skills: Trained in multiple martial arts and swordsmanship, mastery of detective and scientific skills, escape artistry

The House of Saifullah has existed for many generations. Some say they’ve been around since the dawn of time. They ruled the Kingdom of Ebony Sand in relative peace and prosperity, despite the “Sword of God” name. Even their relations with the US and Israel are less tenacious than their other Middle Eastern counterparts.

The current ruler of the Kingdom of Ebony Sand is King Hadir Saifullah. His son Amir and his daughters Suha and Uzma are his pride and joy. Hadir’s brother, Wafi, serves as the ruler of the military. When Amir turned 18, he asked his father if he could forsake his princely duties and see the world, which he allows.

Amir brings his wife Jamila with him to America where they settle and make their home in the northwestern city of Diode Falls.
Diode Falls is home to many businesses, including Tenstone Industries, a multinational conglomerate founded and owned by the Salifullah family. Amir became the company’s operator and owner. He is one of the largest employers of the city and the biggest philanthropist in the world, giving away $5 billion of his own personal fortune to individuals, charities, and other businesses in the country.

Rumor of a hooded warrior protecting the nightly streets from dangerous criminals have emerged over the past three years. This midnight crusader, Contrail, has become a beacon of light in this dark city. He has taken out many dangerous criminals and has become a target of many of the criminal syndicates that made Diode Falls their homebase as well.

Amir has taken his role as a hero to its zenith and relishes the role. However, when a family tragedy brings him back home, will he leave the cloak of Contrail behind and return to his princely duties?

Contrail: TM and (C) Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount

#6 Atomic Ice

| November 6, 2011 | 0 Comments

Atomic Ice

First sighting: Five years ago

Alias: The Coldhearted Chick, The Icy Assassin,

Identity: Secret – Sherilyn Noble

Features: Ice-blue skin and all-black eyes (which is why she wears goggles, medium-length blue hair

Skills: Thermokinesis (can generate snowstorms and icy blasts from her hands), eidetic memory, Systema trained assassin

By all indications, Sherilyn Noble should be dead, and the world believes that she is dead.

A shadowy organization without a name has transformed the former Sherilyn Noble into a cold.warrior in more ways than one. Utilizing Russian Systema training, she became proficient in fighting with her hands and feet, firearms, knives, any weapon known to man. The organization also manipulated her DNA by bombarding her with radiation on a daily basis. The radiation was supposed to control Noble, but it only made her stronger. A side-effect of the radiation was a pale, blue-tinted skin tone, black eyes, blue hair, and a permanently-low body temperature.

When she learned of this, Noble grew furious and shot spiky ice daggers at her supervisors killing them. She also concentrated her energy to create a snowstorm in her containment room. Her escape from the facility was short-lived as the organization told her that they could cure her of her “ailment,” but only if she became an assassin for them. One of her first tasks was to take out a scientist who created a humanoid automaton that could act like a human. Her second, killing the leaders of oil-rich nations in the Gulf.

The Icy Assassin grew in notoriety, and she became a high-priced assassin-for-hire. However, she was no closer to getting a cure, so, she broke away and became a freelancer, much to the chagrin of the organization. With no means to control her, they knew the assassin they perfected would be unstoppable.

And while they’re working on a weapon that can stop the unstoppable, the assassin now known as Atomic Ice has become an army-of-one.

Atomic Ice: TM and (C) Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.


#5 Plikitt

| November 5, 2011 | 0 Comments


First sighting: Three Years Ago

Alias: Unit #23906, Dittobot, The Robotic Mimic, Russ Braverton

Identity: Secret – Du Plikitt

Features: Self-contained automaton, silver skin, biothermal “skin suit” and “clothing armor”

Skills: Shape-shifting, ability to mimic any human (and superhuman) ability, ability to adapt to any situation

Dr. Tiffany Rhonne created the perfect automaton for the military, the Diode-Induced Temporal Technology Operations Bio-Organic Terminal, otherwise known as the “Dittobot”. The military ordered several units, but the template used in the creation was more advanced than she thought it would be. It was sentient, self-aware, and, in a word, human. As such, the creation demanded and got a name. He was the original Dittobot and not a duplicate. He wished to be a duplicate too, so he was named “Du Plikitt.”

The military didn’t know the Dittobots could grow sentient, and they ordered the one that did to be destroyed. Dr. Rhonne refused because she had grown to love Plikitt as a mother loved her child. When a shadowy organization sent an assassin codenamed Atomic Ice to kill Rhonne and destroy the machine, the abilities of Plikitt was exposed. He shapeshifted into Dr. Rhonne and took her place while a spare Dittobot was in a stasis. The assassin killed the disguised Rhonne and destroyed the machine. When the real Dr. Rhonne came out of hiding, she held Plikitt in her arms. They left Steel City and went to a new location where they could became a couple, Molly and Russ Braverton.

Over the years, Plikitt did heroic feats in public in his more familiar metallic form, aligning with many of the heroes of this new world. However, these actions have attracted the attention of a hunter who thought Plikitt was dead in the first place – Atomic Frost.

Plikitt: TM and (C) Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.

#4 Rhaptor

| November 4, 2011 | 1 Comment


First sighting: Two years ago.

Alias: T-Road, Tyrannosaurus Bastard

Identity: Secret – Terry Rhodes

Features: Reptilian-human features, including clawed feet and hands. razor-sharp talons, teeth, and claws, prehensile tail

Skills: Stealth speed, camouflage skin, cellular regeneration, night vision

Terry Rhodes’ parents knew their son was always going to be a troublemaker. He constantly got arrested as a teen and did a lot of robberies as an adult. Terry knew his time was going to be up so, but he had no other talents to offer the world, so he did a lot of volunteer work. He needed a real job and wanted to reform, but he kept being lured into the world of crime, and those two worlds clashed when he answered a want ad online for a “research assistant” for a company known as Mallum Inc.

When he got there, he noticed the place was dilapidated and creaking. Water dripped everywhere, and in the middle of the hall stood a tall, husky fellow with a demonic face. The man, calling himself Vox Mallum, told Terry that he could give him whatever he want as long as he stayed loyal to him. Scared, he wanted to run out, but the halls got bigger and he couldn’t reach the door. After running for about 30 minutes, he got tired and relented. The room changed into a palace. Terry was impressed, but he knew that there was something wrong about all of this, and it was.

Mallum gave Terry the abilities to regenerate limbs, becoming fireproof, to blend into the background, to see in total darkness, and more or less be the perfect thief. But in order to do that, he had to transform into a lizard-like man. Terry figured life wasn’t going to give him a fourth chance, and people already saw him as a freak anyway, so, he agreed, becoming Mallum’s number one henchman, Rhaptor, who was a lot smarter and more proficient about crime than his boss, who appreciated his talents. This tandem has made it their mission to make life difficult for the heroes of this new world.

Rhaptor: TM and (C) Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.

#3 Vox Malum

| November 3, 2011 | 0 Comments

Vox Malum

First sighting: Two years ago.

Alias: Boss Bad, Hulkface

Identity: Secret – Arnold Calpern

Abilities: Powerful sorcerer, Level Five spellcaster,

Skills: Spellcasting, spirit conjuring, temporary dimension hopping

Weaknesses: Permanently bonded to the mask of Malum Corick

Weaponry: The Mask of Malum Corick and the Staff of Voxivon

Arnold Calpern was a typical geek who wanted more in life. No longer content with playing MMORPGs with people he wouldn’t last a day with in the real world nor purposely trolling webpages, Arnold wanted to be a powerful person. He went on vacation with his parents to Italy where he wandered through secret passages in this old temple . Recognizing the temple as something he saw in a game, Arnold read and deciphered the inscriptions on the wall, which were written in Latin and an odd language he recognized from an old sci-fi series he memorized.

By the time he got to the end, Arnold found a box containing a horned demon’s mask and a plastic-looking scepter. He thought to himself that they were pieces of junk, but he kept them anyway. Back home, Arnold looked on the internet searching for any information about what he had found in Italy.

“Indutum in obscuro faciem male habebit vocem virtutis” was written on the mask. Translated, it means “Whoever wears the mask of the evil voice shall have dark power.” Tempted, he put it on, and it turned him into a vile, yet powerful sorcerer. The power of the mask, as well as the memories of the last bearer, Ephram Corick, were transferred into the unsuspecting wearer. From that point on, Arnold Calpern was no more. Only Vox Malum, the dark lord of the dominion, remained ready to reek havoc on this modern age of heroism as well as have the power he craved forever.

Vox Malum: (C) and TM Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.

#2 Doc Neuro

| November 2, 2011 | 0 Comments

First sighting: Twenty years ago.

Alias: Abe Neuro, The Mind

Identity: Public – Dr. Abraham Roune

Abilities: Superhuman intellect and strength, keen attention to the finest detail, quick reflexes, invulnerability

Skills: Great imagination, can create things and weapons once considered impossible

Weaknesses: Cellular breakdown 1/10000th the pace of a regular human, though, he’s technically immortal (yes, that’s a weakness to him)

Weaponry:Whaterver he thinks of and builds at that spot as needed.

Twenty years ago, Abraham Roune, a biotechnology theorist and scientist, survived an explosion that ripped through the fabric of time and space itself. No one knows the circumstances behind the explosion nor why he survived. Over the years, Dr. Roune, now calling himself Doc Neuro, devoted his life to making the world a better place as well as discovering his abilities. In addition to being the world’s greatest inventor and intellectual, Neuro became an adventurer, searching for treasures, unraveling mysteries, exploring alien worlds, and taking on powerful threats at home.

For a while, he was a solitary figure, but over the years, he found allies and friends in this brave new world  This new generation of heroes and villains intrigues him. Doc Neuro sees it as an adventure, and he’s going to have fun with this new world.

Doc Neuro: (C) and TM Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.

#1 The Cosmic Dragoknight

| November 1, 2011 | 2 Comments

The Cosmic Dragoknight

First sighting: Five years ago.

Alias: The Sentinel of the City, New Heights’ Finest, The World’s Champion

Identity: Unknown – Secret to the General Public

Abilities: Superhuman strength, flight, speed, ability to create hard-light projectiles and weapons with a thought

Skills: Proficient in military martial arts (LINE and SCARS)

Weaknesses: Vulnerable to projectile damage, extreme heat, and extreme cold when out of Dragoknight armor

Weaponry: Dragoknight Armor – the standard issue uniform of the galaxy’s Dragoknight Protectorate

Nobody knows who is behind of the cowl of the city’s most iconic hero. The Cosmic Dragoknight is the ultimate weapon, this planet’s protector, whether he wants the job or not. He was chosen because he displayed all the traits of someone who could wield the powers of the Protectorate. The armor keeps the powers in control. Without it, the Dragoknight is vulnerable to harm, and if harmed, he could cause a terminal meltdown destroying all life on Earth.

His alliance with the other heroes of this planet is a terse one at best, all are either pretenders or opportunists, though he retains an iota of respect for the planet’s smartest man, a shapeshifter, and an enigmatic heroine.

He is considered by the observers as a good hero that needs to keep his ego in check, but when you’re the hand-chosen savior of the planet, how could you not be boastful?

Cosmic Dragoknight: TM and (C) Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.