#8 Renard Roux

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Renard Roux

First sighting: Three Years Ago

Alias: The Red Fox

Identity: Secret – Albert Couteau

Features: Red face mask, dress suit and top hat

Skills: Expert swordsman and parkour runner

No one knows why the gentleman thief known as Renard Roux has made life a pain for the law enforcers across the country. Most aren’t even sure if it’s the same guy.

But there is only one Renard Roux. He has stolen gems, paintings, and fortunes. The public doesn’t know that he’s Albert Couteau, a former reality show star turned model. He hides behind a crimson mask  and is always dressed for a formal party. He’s cunning and manipulative, not to mention a notorious flirt towards women and men. However, his intentions remain his own, and he’s having way too much fun as a criminal than he ever thought he would.

He’s a sharp character, as deadly as he is brilliant..

Renard Roux: TM and (C) Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.

Category: 2011, Fantasy, Superhero

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