#2 Doc Neuro

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First sighting: Twenty years ago.

Alias: Abe Neuro, The Mind

Identity: Public – Dr. Abraham Roune

Abilities: Superhuman intellect and strength, keen attention to the finest detail, quick reflexes, invulnerability

Skills: Great imagination, can create things and weapons once considered impossible

Weaknesses: Cellular breakdown 1/10000th the pace of a regular human, though, he’s technically immortal (yes, that’s a weakness to him)

Weaponry:Whaterver he thinks of and builds at that spot as needed.

Twenty years ago, Abraham Roune, a biotechnology theorist and scientist, survived an explosion that ripped through the fabric of time and space itself. No one knows the circumstances behind the explosion nor why he survived. Over the years, Dr. Roune, now calling himself Doc Neuro, devoted his life to making the world a better place as well as discovering his abilities. In addition to being the world’s greatest inventor and intellectual, Neuro became an adventurer, searching for treasures, unraveling mysteries, exploring alien worlds, and taking on powerful threats at home.

For a while, he was a solitary figure, but over the years, he found allies and friends in this brave new world  This new generation of heroes and villains intrigues him. Doc Neuro sees it as an adventure, and he’s going to have fun with this new world.

Doc Neuro: (C) and TM Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.

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