#16 Firelight

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Nobody knows why Kendall Bright entered that field the night he received his powers, not even Kendall himself.

The fact is he was afraid to face an uncertain future without the love of his life, who left him for another without any warning.  Maybe he wanted some alien force to just take him away from this planet never to return again.

Maybe he wanted to die that night and just rot out in the field.

Whatever the real reason, he laid in a field bombarded with astral radiation. It was a freak occurrence the local media reported.

The radiation left Kendall Bright with the headache from hell . . . at least the first night. It also caused his body to reach incredibly high temperatures, as if it was on fire.

No flames came from his body that night, but his body did burn through the hospital bed as well as through five floors.

A clandestine group took him in and transformed him into a weapon.

Codenamed “Firelight,” this hero took to night skies and became a fiery knight of justice.

All he wants is a normal life, but he’s not denying that he’s having fun in this new identity of his.

Firelight: (C) & TM Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.


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  1. I like his backstory. Good thing life is looking up for him!

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