#18 Gipper

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An Army brat, Mitch Gipper never knew one place that he could call home.

He was always the new kid, and as such, he was always getting himself into fights.

His father was a Combatives instructor who taught his son the basics in self-defense. In time, he became an instructor of Combatives as well upon entering the Army.

After a tour of duty overseas, Gipper found himself in the middle of a fight between a pair of soldiers on opposing sides. He beat the opposing soldier to submission, but instead of being thanked, his fellow soldier felt humiliated and challenged Gipper to a fight.

Gipper manhandled his opponent, but conflicting reports from his superiors (who was close to the family of the beaten soldier) forced a trial for an immediate court-martial and a dishonorable discharge. Although cleared of all charges against him, Gipper did receive an honorable discharge from the Army and reentered civilian life.

Nowhere to go, he found himself in the world of mixed-martial arts where he became one of the world’s most dangerous fighters.

That moniker brought him fame and fortune as well as the attentions of a mysterious promoter who signed him to compete in a tournament unlike any other where he’ll get whatever his heart desires.

Gipper doesn’t want money. He has enough. He doesn’t want fame. He gets mobbed everywhere he goes.  He wants vindication and to be considered the world’s greatest fighter.

And he just might be.

Gipper: (C) & TM Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.

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