#1 The Cosmic Dragoknight

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The Cosmic Dragoknight

First sighting: Five years ago.

Alias: The Sentinel of the City, New Heights’ Finest, The World’s Champion

Identity: Unknown – Secret to the General Public

Abilities: Superhuman strength, flight, speed, ability to create hard-light projectiles and weapons with a thought

Skills: Proficient in military martial arts (LINE and SCARS)

Weaknesses: Vulnerable to projectile damage, extreme heat, and extreme cold when out of Dragoknight armor

Weaponry: Dragoknight Armor – the standard issue uniform of the galaxy’s Dragoknight Protectorate

Nobody knows who is behind of the cowl of the city’s most iconic hero. The Cosmic Dragoknight is the ultimate weapon, this planet’s protector, whether he wants the job or not. He was chosen because he displayed all the traits of someone who could wield the powers of the Protectorate. The armor keeps the powers in control. Without it, the Dragoknight is vulnerable to harm, and if harmed, he could cause a terminal meltdown destroying all life on Earth.

His alliance with the other heroes of this planet is a terse one at best, all are either pretenders or opportunists, though he retains an iota of respect for the planet’s smartest man, a shapeshifter, and an enigmatic heroine.

He is considered by the observers as a good hero that needs to keep his ego in check, but when you’re the hand-chosen savior of the planet, how could you not be boastful?

Cosmic Dragoknight: TM and (C) Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.

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    • nemalki says:

      Thanks. I had fun with this character, and to be honest, I’m still getting the hang of this drawing program I’m using. No scanner, so I’m drawing with a mouse. I’m . . . I’m getting there.

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