#1 Dr Belladonna

| November 1, 2011 | 2 Comments

Hey folks!

To kick things off, I give you Dr. Belladonna (or Doc, as Charlie and others call her).  Veterinarian by day, expert user of poisons by night, Doc often injects her victims using large, unpleasant syringes.  She doesn’t interact so well with people and lacks a lot of the social skills that even her villainous teammates possess, but she has an uncanny bond with animals.  This does wonders for her job at the animal hospital but it can make things difficult when her coworkers and her cohorts alike need to communicate certain concepts to her.

Alright, I’ll be back tomorrow with another character!  Hope you like this one.  🙂


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Hey folks! My name is Drew Green and I'm an Atlanta-based comic artist/illustrator. I'm responsible for the webcomic "The Super-Gay Adventures of Ross Boston," which can be found at http://supergayadventures.com and is all-ages (I promise). You may have also seen my work in Udon's "Mega Man Tribute" art book, as well as "The Pepper Project" art book. I'm super excited to do this 30 Characters challenge! Sounds like a lot of fun. ~Drew

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  1. Her personal life/villain life connection makes so much more sense than most comic-book villains. I love it. 🙂 (And I won’t just be saying this on every thing you post – I just seem to come across it when I come on the site!)

  2. Michael Perridge says:

    I like that … for various reasons I won’t share here 🙂

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