#3 Vox Malum

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Vox Malum

First sighting: Two years ago.

Alias: Boss Bad, Hulkface

Identity: Secret – Arnold Calpern

Abilities: Powerful sorcerer, Level Five spellcaster,

Skills: Spellcasting, spirit conjuring, temporary dimension hopping

Weaknesses: Permanently bonded to the mask of Malum Corick

Weaponry: The Mask of Malum Corick and the Staff of Voxivon

Arnold Calpern was a typical geek who wanted more in life. No longer content with playing MMORPGs with people he wouldn’t last a day with in the real world nor purposely trolling webpages, Arnold wanted to be a powerful person. He went on vacation with his parents to Italy where he wandered through secret passages in this old temple . Recognizing the temple as something he saw in a game, Arnold read and deciphered the inscriptions on the wall, which were written in Latin and an odd language he recognized from an old sci-fi series he memorized.

By the time he got to the end, Arnold found a box containing a horned demon’s mask and a plastic-looking scepter. He thought to himself that they were pieces of junk, but he kept them anyway. Back home, Arnold looked on the internet searching for any information about what he had found in Italy.

“Indutum in obscuro faciem male habebit vocem virtutis” was written on the mask. Translated, it means “Whoever wears the mask of the evil voice shall have dark power.” Tempted, he put it on, and it turned him into a vile, yet powerful sorcerer. The power of the mask, as well as the memories of the last bearer, Ephram Corick, were transferred into the unsuspecting wearer. From that point on, Arnold Calpern was no more. Only Vox Malum, the dark lord of the dominion, remained ready to reek havoc on this modern age of heroism as well as have the power he craved forever.

Vox Malum: (C) and TM Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.

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