#13 Rael

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There have been tales about brothers at odds throughout history.. Cain and Abel. Mycroft and Sherlock.And now, Cife and Rael.

Rael is the younger, taller, more-attractive brother, but age is a number, taller people have to duck everywhere they go, and looks aren’t everything, as Cife will tell you. Rael is a hunter. He is proficient with projectile weapons as well as his own psionic attacks. He’s a little aloof, but keeps a steady head in the face of danger.

He’s not as powerful as his brother, but he’s no slouch in timebending abilities. Rael is a puzzle-solver, able to decipher mysteries and riddles, often with ease.The only puzzles he hasn’t been able to figure out are why the High is targeting his brother and why they chose Rael to kill him.

Regardless, he’s traveling with his brother across time, space, and dimensions keeping his brother in line and, much to his displeasure, kill Cife with ease.

But it’s a journey Rael wouldn’t miss in a minute.

Rael: (C) and TM Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount..

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