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Contrail - The Midnight Crusader

First sighting: Three Years Ago

Alias: The Midnight Crusader, Guardian of the Sword

Identity: Secret – Amir Hafiz Saifullah

Weapons: Retractable plasma whips which could transform into a lightsword on each hand

Skills: Trained in multiple martial arts and swordsmanship, mastery of detective and scientific skills, escape artistry

The House of Saifullah has existed for many generations. Some say they’ve been around since the dawn of time. They ruled the Kingdom of Ebony Sand in relative peace and prosperity, despite the “Sword of God” name. Even their relations with the US and Israel are less tenacious than their other Middle Eastern counterparts.

The current ruler of the Kingdom of Ebony Sand is King Hadir Saifullah. His son Amir and his daughters Suha and Uzma are his pride and joy. Hadir’s brother, Wafi, serves as the ruler of the military. When Amir turned 18, he asked his father if he could forsake his princely duties and see the world, which he allows.

Amir brings his wife Jamila with him to America where they settle and make their home in the northwestern city of Diode Falls.
Diode Falls is home to many businesses, including Tenstone Industries, a multinational conglomerate founded and owned by the Salifullah family. Amir became the company’s operator and owner. He is one of the largest employers of the city and the biggest philanthropist in the world, giving away $5 billion of his own personal fortune to individuals, charities, and other businesses in the country.

Rumor of a hooded warrior protecting the nightly streets from dangerous criminals have emerged over the past three years. This midnight crusader, Contrail, has become a beacon of light in this dark city. He has taken out many dangerous criminals and has become a target of many of the criminal syndicates that made Diode Falls their homebase as well.

Amir has taken his role as a hero to its zenith and relishes the role. However, when a family tragedy brings him back home, will he leave the cloak of Contrail behind and return to his princely duties?

Contrail: TM and (C) Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount

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