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My name is… Eh, well you don’t need to know that, but you can call me jacobsmacob. Or Jakie. Or Jake, even if I am a girl. I’m here because I need a cure for my art block and I need to trigger creative juices and the ability to think up new, fresh ideas. I love to write stories and create characters, so this is very interesting for me. I draw in an anime style so beware if you hate that stuff.


I will not draw in chibi style all the time. Or at least try really hard not to, since that what I draw when I’m lazy.


I’m not the best or most skilled artist around and my anatomy sucks. I don’t own a scanner so I will be forced to use my camera to take pictures of my drawings. I will try to edit then so that they will be decent enough but, really, how much decency can you expect from a crappy digital camera and bad lighting?


Here’s an idea of what the quality of images will look like. Here and here give ideas, also.


Wish me luck with this challenge and wish everyone else who’s in this luck, as well.


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A Trinidadian girl who likes to draw and write stories. I love creating original characters so this will be fun for me. It will also give me a chance to be creative :D Tumblr:

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