Pokemon Trainer Bob wants to challenge you to a battle

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Name’s Bob, or so everyone calls me. I come in peace from the great land of the maple leaf. (about an hour away from Toronto in Canada)

I’ve been in an art slump the last year and a bit. So I am here hoping this will fix it. I mostly prefer to work with traditional mediums and colour with markers. I’ve started to try more digital work though but I am not great at it by any means.

If I am not slaving away at work, I’m hermiting myself in my room either gaming or drawing if I can musker it up. If I do draw I normally listen to a range of neo-swing, euro dance/electric/techno/trance, dubstep and anything that has a good beat and catchy.

I can also be found at

dA: http://le-bob-chan.deviantart.com/

Skype: angle-dust-Anderson (just let me know you’re from here)

Don’t be afraid of me, I like meeting new people, plus I think drawing and talking is nice :3

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Known as either Tash, Bob or Doug. I was gonna partake in NanoWrMo this year but once I saw this I joined. Drawing is more of my thing then writing so why not. I've also been in an art slump so I figured this would help.

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