2011 Challenger: Katri Korpela

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Hi, I’m Katri but Riiva is something I’m being called in the great Internets also.

I live in Finland where we ride polar bears and have penguins as pets. I’ll be 21 in December and I study set building. It’s my final year and after this I should graduate as a set building artisan.

I love creating; characters, universes, stories – you name it, but I haven’t been doing that for a long time now. Drawing is also something that I should’ve done more, but for some reason I draw rarely nowadays. That will change! That’s why I decided to take part to this challenge.

Few words about “what can be expected from me”.. Well, my style is heavily inspired by art nouveau, Alphonse Mucha is my greatest inspiration and idol. I also adore artists like Kay Nielsen ans Salvador Dalí, so I do play with things like anatomy a lot.
I usually prefer traditional media, but may use digital flat colouring on traditionally done, inked line-art.
My deviantart is a good place to check out what I’m talking about!

Good luck everyone!

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