2011 Challenger: Rachel Ross

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I look too normal to be an artist in this shot.

Deceptively Normal Photo

Hi there!

My name is Rachel Ross (which is why I cleverly put it in the title), and I’m a technical writer from Ohio. I saw this site last year, and this year I am actually going to participate.

I like to doodle random things, sculpt, and make jewelry. My website is http://glimmerville.com but there is more photography and rambling there than anything else, though I also sculpt some Steampunk dragons and things. You can follow me as Nycteris on Twitter (though I am fairly quiet).  (Also I have an Etsy store.)

I’m not entirely sure if I am going to post my art using the Official 30 Characters Template,  but I am definitely going to draw 30 characters!

Hmm, I can’t seem to upload sample art.  Just… assume you are amazed at my skill. Ok fine here is my silly old dA site, full of dragons and thatched roof cottages*, and occasionally crudely drawn mad science.     *Well, actually just more dragons.

I promise my 30 characters will not be all dragons and ponies.


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Born at an early age, Rachel soon discovered pencils and began doodling fantastical things in her spare time. And sometimes her non-spare time.

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