#30 Frank Eastin – Retiree

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My boss came to see me last week. Or I should say that my ex-boss came to see me. He does that every couple of months. Stops by the beach, pretends that he’s just checking in on his old friend. We sit, we laugh, we share a few beers. I loan him a pole and he does a few casts. We both pretend that we don’t know why he’s come.

Usually around the third beer he brings it up. He’ll casually mention, “So we had a strange case come up recently.” And then he takes off with it.

The first time he did it, I tried to stop him, but he would just stop for a bit and then work up to it a different way.  Now I think it’s better to just let him roll. I’ve told him it’s not happening.

I did my years, and I’m done. I traveled the world, seen more countries than most satellites, and all I had to show for was a lot of tombstones behind me and a paycheck. A big paycheck to be fair, but it wasn’t the same thing as a career.

Since I’ve been retired, I’ve had the most boring years of my life. No guns, no explosions, no psychotic killers popping out of birthday cakes. Frankly I’ve been bored to tears and loving every minute of it.

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