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Hello Cyber world

| October 2, 2012 | 0 Comments

Hey, wassup everybody. I was in the challenge last year and I finish (claps). This year, I will join in the fun. I’m not sure about my them this year for the character challenge, but I’m sooooo excited to be apart of this event. :O

Returning Challenger For 2012 – Michael Nimmo

| October 2, 2012 | 0 Comments

Last year – even with the help of my daughter I only managed 25 of the 30! This year I’m determined to do them all!

I’m getting into this digital art thing that seems to be big, with more of my drawings on the iPad!

Most of my art is on Sketchclub and is cartoony in style.

Me? I’m a safety consultant by day and a digital comics blogger by night.

Good luck to all this year!

2012 Challenger: Miss Kristin Bowles

| October 2, 2012 | 0 Comments

Hello, hello, hello again!

You’re actually going to see some uploads from me this year – I swear! I’ve got oodles more time and quite a bit more motivation to lock down and take care of business this time around!

My name is Kristin Bowles

I graduated from the Art Institute of Tampa with my BFA in Game Art & Design in 2011; I have a fancy website and an official wordpress blog, as well as a deviantart account.

I haven’t been as active as I should have been with making art this past year…

For reference, here’s my intro post from 2011.

What I HAVE done this past year…

(“Sleepy Time” Pokémon, done during Megacon 2012)

(Pottermore portrait; Mmm! Candy! Project; “Self-Satisfaction)

(Jinora: Legend of Korra Fanart; Anyu: Legend of Korra O.C.; EVE: Megamind Tumblrverse O.C.)

And, uh, here’s a picture of me?